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Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling Descaling Machine/

200W Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield Heat Exchanger

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IMG 3728 - 200W Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield Heat ExchangerThe ultrasonic descaling device is a device composed of components such as an ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic vibration plate, and cleaning tank. The main principle of ultrasonic descaling is to use the ultrasonic energy generated by the ultrasonic generator to generate cavitation effect in the liquid through the ultrasonic vibrator, causing the dirt to disperse, loosen, break, and fall off under the action of ultrasound, making it difficult to adhere to the pipe wall, thus achieving the descaling effect. The principle of ultrasonic descaling is mainly manifested in the following aspects.


1. The cavitation caused by ultrasound is achieved by the action of energy on the fluid medium, directly generating a large number of bubbles and holes. When the sound pressure or intensity reaches a certain level, bubbles will rapidly expand and suddenly close, forming a local strong pressure peak. These pressure peaks can reach thousands of atmospheres, causing the scaling substance to break and destroy under the action of pressure peaks, and causing the formed scale layer to rupture, making it easy to fall off. This can achieve the goal of ultrasonic descaling.


2. Ultrasonic waves have a shearing effect: when ultrasonic waves propagate to the scale layer, pipe wall, and water, due to their different responses to ultrasonic frequencies, asynchronous vibrations are generated, resulting in high-speed relative motion between them. Due to different speeds, relative shear forces will be generated at the contact surface between the scale layer and the heat exchanger tube wall, causing the scale layer to loosen due to fatigue, thus achieving the effect of ultrasonic descaling.


3. Control effect: By using ultrasound to change the physical and chemical properties of the liquid, ions in water can be prevented from crystallization and aggregation on the wall. Therefore, the amount of scale like substances attached to the surface of the heat exchanger can be reduced. According to experimental research, the longer the action time of ultrasound, the more effective it is to prevent scaling.

Model Power Frequency Weight
PLS-CG200W 200W 15-20KHZ 20KG

200W Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield Heat Exchanger



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