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Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling Descaling Machine/

Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield Reboiler

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IMG 3736 - Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield ReboilerCharacteristics of ultrasonic descaling and anti scaling device


·Synchronous descaling and anti scaling: Equipment descaling and anti scaling are carried out simultaneously, with scale removal, no scale prevention, one-time descaling, and long-term anti scaling.


·Low power consumption and low operating costs: The power consumption of a single device system is only 1KW, and the peak power output of the power supply is continuously adjustable, avoiding daily maintenance.


·Triple automatic protection, safe and reliable: The equipment adopts triple automatic protection of overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating, with intelligent control, safe and reliable.


·Humanized design, automated control: Control instruments can automatically track frequency; Automatically monitor the working status of the transducer and the load status of the equipment, and follow the response in a timely manner; When the equipment is in no-load operation, it can automatically emit an audible and visual alarm signal and cut off the power supply to protect the operation of the equipment.


·Clean and environmentally friendly: During the entire process of scale removal and prevention, no chemical agents are required, and there is no corrosion, interference, pollution, radiation, environmental pollution, and damage to operators and heat exchange equipment.

Model Power Frequency Weight
PLS-CG200W 200W 15-20KHZ 20KG

Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield Reboiler



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