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Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling Descaling Machine/

Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Industry Chemical/Petrochemical

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IMG 3720 - Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Industry Chemical/PetrochemicalThe main advantage of ultrasonic scaling method compared to traditional methods is that it does not require the use of any chemicals, that is, it does not require the addition of any substances to the water. The principle of ultrasonic descaling method is to use ultrasonic oscillation to oscillate the metal structure of the heat exchanger and the water inside. Under the action of these oscillations, the hardness salt in the water begins to crystallize and will not adhere to the pipe wall oscillating at the same ultrasonic frequency. On the one hand, the vibration of the pipe wall prevents salt that has not yet fully crystallized in water from depositing on the pipe wall; On the other hand, it helps to break the newly formed brittle water layer below 0.2 millimeters, which is not yet hard. The mechanism of vibrating the scale layer is as follows: under the lateral vibration generated by the pipe, the scale layer deposited on the water pipe also begins to vibrate. The result of multiple lateral vibrations. Tiny cracks appeared in the scale. Under the action of ultrasonic vibration, water penetrates into the scale layer, and the resistance to liquid movement in the capillary is greatly reduced (Konovanov effect). When water enters the hot tube wall, it begins to expand or even boil, generating bubbles that push the edges of cracks and cause scale to detach from the tube wall. Subsequently, a new scale layer begins to form on the cleaned surface. When the scale layer reaches the aforementioned thickness, ultrasonic waves break it again, achieving a certain dynamic balance. During this process, the heat transfer efficiency of the pipe wall did not decrease. The scale fragments that vibrate and are carried away by the water flow take away the heat energy obtained from the pipe wall, and during the flow process, transfer the heat energy to the water supply.

Model Power Frequency Weight
PLS-CG200W 200W 15-20KHZ 20KG

Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Industry Chemical/Petrochemical


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