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Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Ring Pzt Piezo Ceramic Disc Piezo Ceramic For Cleaning Ring And Welding Ring

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1 - Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Ring Pzt Piezo Ceramic Disc Piezo Ceramic For Cleaning Ring And Welding RingElectronic ceramics can be divided into five categories based on their function and purpose: insulating device ceramics, capacitor ceramics, ferroelectric ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, and ion ceramics.


1、 Application of Special Sensitive Ceramic in Automotive Sensors

The electronic ceramic sensors used in automobiles are required to be suitable for long-term use in harsh environments unique to automobiles (high temperature, low temperature, vibration, acceleration, humidity, sound, exhaust gas), and should have the characteristics of small and lightweight, good reusability, and wide output range. Ceramics have been fully utilized in recent years with the advancement of manufacturing technology for their excellent electromagnetic and optical properties, such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Sensors made of sensitive ceramic materials can fully meet the above requirements.


2、 Application of Ceramic Materials in Automotive Spraying Technology

In recent years, ceramic film spraying technology has been widely used in aerospace technology and has begun to be applied to automobiles. The advantages of this technology include good thermal effect, ability to withstand high temperature and pressure, mature process, and stable quality. To achieve the goal of low heat dissipation, ceramic spraying can be applied to the combustion chamber components of the engine, such as spraying zirconia on the piston top and zirconia on the cylinder liner. After this treatment, the engine can reduce heat dissipation loss, reduce its own mass, reduce engine size, and reduce fuel consumption.



3、 Application of Alumina Ceramic in Automotive Shock Absorbers

The shock absorption device of high-end cars has successfully developed an intelligent shock absorber by comprehensively utilizing the positive piezoelectric effect of sensitive ceramics and the inverse piezoelectric effect of alumina ceramics. Due to the use of highly sensitive ceramic components, this type of shock absorber has the ability to recognize road surfaces and perform self adjustment functions, which can minimize the vibration caused by rough road surfaces in cars.

spec Dimension
Radial frequency
Dielectric dissipation factor
Electromechanical coupling coefficient
Thickness frequency
PU-PC25103 Φ25×Φ10×3 66.4 1240±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 683±5%
PU-PC225104 Φ25×Φ10×4 66.4 930±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 512±5%
PU-PC40155 Φ40×Φ12×5 45.9 2070±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 410±5%
PU-PC40155 Φ40×Φ15×5 42.2 1960±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 323±5%
PU-PC40176 Φ40×Φ17×6 40.5 1555±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC40205 Φ40×Φ20×5 37.9 1700±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤15 410±5%
PU-PC50206 Φ50×Φ20×6 33.2 2490±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC501765 Φ50×Φ17×6.5 34.8 2430±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 315±5%
PU-PC50236 Φ50×Φ23×6 31.2 2340±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC50276 Φ50×Φ27×6 29.3 2100±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC603010 Φ60×Φ30×10 25.3 1922±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤18 205±5%

Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Ring Pzt Piezo Ceramic Disc Piezo Ceramic For Cleaning Ring And Welding Ring


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