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Industrial Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling Descaling Machine/

Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield Evaporator

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IMG 3733 - Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield EvaporatorThe acoustic descaling device produces two effects


·Firstly, the old scale on the tube bundle can continuously peel off;


·Secondly, some hard salt forms congee precipitation in water. Descaling and scaling form and achieve a certain degree of dynamic balance. Therefore, this is a technology that achieves anti scaling effect by continuously peeling off the accumulated scale, and it is also a revolutionary technology that directly protects the heat exchange equipment body, which is completely different from existing water treatment methods.


Ultrasonic descaling technology is a typical representative of modern high-tech ultrasonic descaling technology, widely used in industrial or civilian heat exchange equipment for descaling and anti scaling. Ultrasonic reaction kettle descaling and anti scaling devices can not only solve the long-term troubles of enterprise descaling, but also fundamentally solve the problem of anti scaling. Not only can it save energy consumption, improve production efficiency, reduce enterprise costs, but it is also simple and convenient to operate, making it an energy-saving and environmental protection expert for scale removal and prevention in industrial enterprises.

Model Power Frequency Weight
PLS-CG200W 200W 15-20KHZ 20KG

Ultrasonic Anti-Scaling/Descaling Machine For Oilfield Evaporator



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