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Portable Ultrasonic Spot Welding Ultrasonic Hand Welder 40khz Generator With Welding Function

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2 - Portable Ultrasonic Spot Welding Ultrasonic Hand Welder 40khz Generator With Welding FunctionUltrasonic spot welding machines can be used for butt welding of thermoplastic plastics, and can also replace welding heads according to customer needs. They are used for processing processes such as riveting, spot welding, embedding, and cutting. Compared to other traditional processes such as adhesive bonding, electric hot pressing, or screw fastening, they have significant advantages such as high production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection, and energy conservation. The ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts imported piezoelectric ceramic crystal vibration, with high efficiency and long service life; Original vertical room temperature circulation self cooling ultrasonic generator, with the lowest failure rate in the industry; Aluminum alloy cast overall frame to ensure rigidity of the body; Gear and rack lifting mechanism, easy to operate and precise positioning; Both automatic and manual operation modes are available for easy debugging; Optional cabinet worktable designed according to ergonomic principles; Equipped with automatic counter and reserved foot switch interface. Ultrasonic spot welding machines are mainly used for positioning and load-bearing of workpieces. Metal fixtures or resin casting fixtures that are molded, carved, and polished have the function of protecting the surface of workpieces from scratches. In addition, the fixtures can be made into automatic fixtures and linked with welding machines to improve operating modes or improve production efficiency. Ultrasonic spot welding machines can also be used for the welding, riveting, spot welding of thermoplastic products, as well as the inlaying and edge pressing processes between metal and plastic parts. They have eliminated the outdated process of sticking with chemical organic melting agents and have the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, no pollution, firm welding, and easy operation. The product adopts advanced circuits, program control, pneumatic transmission, automatic overcurrent protection, and safe operation protection circuits. The circuit adopts a circuit board plug-in structure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. A new 15KHz ultrasonic plastic welding machine with electronic delay welding device is also designed, which has unique advantages for welding soft PE and PP materials, as well as plastic welding parts with super diameter and length, and can meet the needs of various products, Can contribute to improving production efficiency and product quality for all users.

Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
PLS-DHJ-300 300W 15KHz/20khz/28khz/40khz
PLS-DHJ-500 500W 15KHz/20khz/28khz/40khz
PLS-DHJ-800 800W 15KHz/20khz/28khz/40khz
PLS-DHJ-900 900W 15KHz/20khz
PLS-DHJ-1000 1000W


Portable Ultrasonic Spot Welding Ultrasonic Hand Welder 40khz Generator With Welding Function



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