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50*3mm 40khz Piezoelectric Disc Pzt4 Material Ultrasonic Ceramic Piezo Components

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503 5 - 50*3mm 40khz Piezoelectric Disc Pzt4 Material Ultrasonic Ceramic Piezo ComponentsThis piezoelectric ceramic material is between PZT8 and PZT5, taking into account the characteristics of both. It has high sensitivity and low dielectric loss. It is suitable for dual purpose transducers with low emission power and can be used as both receivers. At present, ultrasonic atomization transducers produced using this piezoelectric ceramic material have been put into mass production.

Piezoelectric ceramics, also known as transducer plates, are an indispensable and important component in the field of modern electronic technology. Piezoelectric ceramics are widely used in modern communication, radar, sonar, automatic measurement and control, ultrasonic energy conversion, ignition and detonation, ultrasonic sterilization, ultrasonic power, and other fields. At present, the development of piezoelectric ceramic materials and their applications in China is still in the development stage, and the development of this industry will have broad prospects.

When voltage is applied to piezoelectric ceramics, mechanical deformation occurs with changes in voltage and frequency. On the other hand, when piezoelectric ceramics are vibrated, an electric charge is generated. Using this principle, when an electric signal is applied to a vibrator composed of two piezoelectric ceramics or one piezoelectric ceramic and a metal sheet, called a dual piezoelectric chip element, ultrasonic waves are emitted due to bending vibration. On the contrary, when ultrasonic vibration is applied to a dual piezoelectric chip component, an electrical signal is generated. Based on the above effects, piezoelectric ceramics can be used as ultrasonic sensors.

spec Dimension
Radial frequency
Dielectric dissipation factor
Electromechanical coupling coefficient
Thickness frequency
PU-PC25103 Φ25×Φ10×3 66.4 1240±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 683±5%
PU-PC225104 Φ25×Φ10×4 66.4 930±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 512±5%
PU-PC40155 Φ40×Φ12×5 45.9 2070±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 410±5%
PU-PC40155 Φ40×Φ15×5 42.2 1960±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 323±5%
PU-PC40176 Φ40×Φ17×6 40.5 1555±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC40205 Φ40×Φ20×5 37.9 1700±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤15 410±5%
PU-PC50206 Φ50×Φ20×6 33.2 2490±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC501765 Φ50×Φ17×6.5 34.8 2430±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.46 ≤15 315±5%
PU-PC50236 Φ50×Φ23×6 31.2 2340±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC50276 Φ50×Φ27×6 29.3 2100±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤15 341±5%
PU-PC603010 Φ60×Φ30×10 25.3 1922±12.5% ≤0.3 ≥0.47 ≤18 205±5%

50*3mm 40khz Piezoelectric Disc Pzt4 Material Ultrasonic Ceramic Piezo Components



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