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Ultrasonic Transducer Impedance Analysis Ultrasonic Frequency Impedance Analyzer

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16 - Ultrasonic Transducer Impedance Analysis Ultrasonic Frequency Impedance AnalyzerImpedance analyzer is mainly used for impedance analysis and testing of ferroelectric crystals, piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric crystals, ultrasonic transducers and other devices. It is a super value solution for frequency scanning and impedance measurement analysis of piezoelectric components and equipment, and can quickly and conveniently test the various parameter characteristics of piezoelectric devices.


Some traditional models of ultrasonic impedance analyzers on the market require software to run on a computer to achieve scanning and analysis functions. In addition to having computer scanning and analysis functions, ultrasonic impedance analyzers also provide direct display of impedance frequency scanning curve analysis functions for piezoelectric components on the instrument. This way, customers no longer need to configure one computer for each instrument. This method not only ensures testing efficiency, but also reduces testing costs and facilitates customer use on the production line. At the same time, vector testing principle is used, which has good measurement accuracy, ultra wide frequency range, and excellent stability, which can meet the majority of measurement requirements for ultrasonic devices and materials.

Product name Sound intensity measuring instrument Numbering
Model PLS-SYJ100 Date of inspection
Testing base Enterprise production specification Detection parameter The test sound intensity is 0.8W/cm², which meets the factory requirements
Test equipment parameters Frequency: KHz, Power: KW.
Test items Sound intensity meter parameter measurement Conclusion Compliance with the factory-leaving standard of enterprises

Ultrasonic Transducer Impedance Analysis Ultrasonic Frequency Impedance Analyzer


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