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Ultrasonic Sound Intensity Measuring Instrument For Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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The sound wave intensity measuring instrument was previously widely used in Europe, America, and Japan, but later introduced to China. This instrument is a portable ultrasonic cleaning machine performance and strength testing instrument, specifically used to measure and monitor the ultrasonic pressure intensity in the liquid in the cylinder of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. It is easy to operate, multifunctional, noise free, low power consumption, and lightweight, Advantages such as intuitive display. The standard product can detect most cleaning machines on the market with frequencies below 100K, and also provides an ultrasonic sound intensity measuring instrument for detecting 200K cleaning machines.


When people use ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean industrial products, the ultrasonic intensity (sound power) in the liquid sound of the cleaning tank is the most important indicator of the ultrasonic system. It has a direct impact on the cleaning effect of the cleaning machine and the working efficiency of the ultrasonic processing machine. The ultrasonic power (sound intensity) measuring instrument can quickly and conveniently measure the sound field intensity anytime and anywhere, and intuitively provide the sound power value.


Advantages of this instrument:


1. This measuring instrument has a delicate design, reasonable structure, simple operation, and accurate measurement.


2. The equipment is easy to install, easy to operate, and has a wide range of applicability, ready to use and on the go.


3. Sufficient stock to ensure fast delivery and peace of mind.


Basic configuration


The ultrasonic sound power (sound intensity) measuring instrument includes one digital display instrument, one probe, and two No. 7 batteries.

Product name Sound intensity measuring instrument Numbering
Model PLS-SYJ100 Date of inspection
Testing base Enterprise production specification Detection parameter The test sound intensity is 0.8W/cm², which meets the factory requirements
Test equipment parameters Frequency: KHz, Power: KW.
Test items Sound intensity meter parameter measurement Conclusion Compliance with the factory-leaving standard of enterprises

Ultrasonic Sound Intensity Measuring Instrument For Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine



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