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Ultrasonic Power Measuring Instrument For Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner System

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IMG 073220190925 135904 - Ultrasonic Power Measuring Instrument For Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner SystemThe ultrasonic intensity (sound power) in liquid sound is a major indicator of the ultrasonic system. It has a direct impact on the cleaning effect of the cleaning machine and the working efficiency of the ultrasonic processing machine. The ultrasonic power (sound intensity) measuring instrument can quickly and conveniently measure the sound field intensity anytime and anywhere, and intuitively provide the sound power value. According to different usage scenarios, ultrasonic power testers can be used for both portable and online monitoring. 2、 Technical parameter name: Ultrasonic sound power (sound intensity) measuring instrument, measurable sound intensity range: 0~150Wcm2, measurable frequency range: 10KHz~1MHz, probe length: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, use temperature: 0~100 ℃ (ordinary type)/0~150 ℃ (high-temperature type), use medium liquid pH: PH4~PH10, response time: less than 0.1 seconds, use power supply: 220V, 1A millivolt, external dimensions (long) × wide × High) 260mm × 132 mm × 186mm 3. Basic configuration of ultrasonic sound power (sound intensity) measuring instrument includes one millivolt meter, one probe, and no optional accessories. 4、 Technical parameters: Measurable sound intensity range: 0~150W/cm2 Measurable frequency range: 10kHz~1MHz Probe length: 30c

Product name Sound intensity measuring instrument Numbering
Model PLS-SYJ100 Date of inspection
Testing base Enterprise production specification Detection parameter The test sound intensity is 0.8W/cm², which meets the factory requirements
Test equipment parameters Frequency: KHz, Power: KW.
Test items Sound intensity meter parameter measurement Conclusion Compliance with the factory-leaving standard of

Ultrasonic Power Measuring Instrument For Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner System



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