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Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer Tester 1kHz-500kHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer

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35 - Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer Tester 1kHz-500kHz Ultrasonic Impedance AnalyzerApplication Fields of Ultrasonic Frequency Measuring Instruments

This instrument is suitable for measuring various types of ultrasonic devices, including ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic amplitude transformers, ultrasonic molds (tool heads), * * * piezoelectric ceramics, transducers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, underwater sound, magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic crushers, ultrasonic atomization, ultrasonic tooth cleaning, reverse radar, ultrasonic ranging, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic descaling, and ultrasonic motors, And all other devices and equipment that use piezoelectric and ultrasound. Especially in the development and production process of ultrasonic equipment, it is necessary to use ultrasonic frequency measuring instruments to detect whether the ultrasonic component products involved by engineers meet the requirements, their quality, performance, and parameters. Transducers: The admittance circle diagram should not show parasitic circles, the resonant frequency should be as close as possible to the design frequency, the dynamic impedance should be low, the quality factor Qm should be close to the design requirements, and the capacitance should match the circuit. Piezoelectric ceramic sheet: The device can be directly judged based on the admittance circle diagram and logarithmic coordinates. If there are layers or cracks inside the ceramic sheet, the logarithmic curve will have multiple peaks, and multiple parasitic small circles will appear on the admittance circle diagram. The design, processing, and assembly of the horn are reasonable or have defects, which can be clearly seen on the guide circle diagram. The production and processing of ultrasonic welding machines use the results of admittance circles to analyze the status of the welding machine, and identify the problems existing in the welding machine through parameter and graphic analysis. Production and processing of ultrasonic cleaning machines: The selection of vibrators requires their vibration performance to be as consistent as possible (bandwidth, quality factor, resonance frequency, dynamic impedance). On the admittance circle diagram, there should be no parasitic circles as much as possible or no parasitic circles near the resonance point. Impedance characteristic analysis and measurement can be conducted on the manufacturing of transducers, incoming material inspection, bonded transducers, and cleaning machines. The measurement of the entire cleaning machine can calibrate the resonance frequency and static capacitance of the machine to match the power supply. It can analyze the characteristics of its new resonance point, impedance after water injection, capacitance, and vibration mode of the entire machine

Product name Sound intensity measuring instrument Numbering
Model PLS-SYJ100 Date of inspection
Testing base Enterprise production specification Detection parameter The test sound intensity is 0.8W/cm², which meets the factory requirements
Test equipment parameters Frequency: KHz, Power: KW.
Test items Sound intensity meter parameter measurement Conclusion Compliance with the factory-leaving standard of enterprises

Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer Tester 1kHz-500kHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer



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