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Mist Maker Fogger Ultrasonic Humidifier Atomizing Heads Water Fountain Pond Fog Atomizer Air Humidifier

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250W 12 - Mist Maker Fogger Ultrasonic Humidifier Atomizing Heads Water Fountain Pond Fog Atomizer Air Humidifier1. High humidifying efficiency (close to 100%), high humidifying intensity, small and uniform fog particles generated, which can quickly reach the required relative humidity per unit time, saving water sources;

2. The energy consumption index per unit of humidification is low, and the energy consumption of ultrasonic humidifiers is only 0.05 kW/(kg. h), which is only 1/10-1/15 of other humidification methods, resulting in low daily operating costs;

3. Small in size, it can form a separate system according to on-site conditions, which is suitable for the installation of new factory buildings and can be used to upgrade old factories without damaging existing equipment;

4. Uniform humidification can quickly and extensively solve practical problems in industrial production, such as flying flowers, broken ends, static electricity, roughness, and fiber fragility in textile production;

5. The atomization component adopts an integrated atomization mechanism, with a fully sealed structural design that achieves waterproofing. It also enables the replacement and maintenance of atomization plates to be immediately resolved on site, completely eliminating the problems of early ultrasonic humidification systems being easily damaged, short in service life, and cumbersome maintenance;

6. The integrated atomization movement comes with a water overflow protection device, which can effectively ensure that the atomization movement automatically stops working when the water level is too low, without the need for additional equipment, saving costs;

7. The control method is flexible and convenient, and there are three control methods to choose from: switch control, timing control, and humidity automatic control. Flexible selection and matching can be made based on the on-site environment and personnel arrangement during selection;

8. The humidifier with automatic humidity control is equipped with a humidity sensor imported from France, which has high sensitivity and quick response, and can fully achieve on-site operation without personnel; 9. The equipment adopts a stainless steel box, with a beautiful and generous appearance, corrosion resistance, and long service life;

10. The equipment has both fixed bracket and movable installation methods, and can be installed in areas far away from humidification sites through pipeline connections, which not only facilitates equipment installation but also improves the efficiency of space use;

11. The equipment has passed the national electrical safety testing and is equipped with high-performance automatic water feeding solenoid valves, overflow ports, and discharge ports, making it easy to use, safe and reliable;

12. The overall design of the equipment has undergone repeated experiments and years of practical testing. It has a compact structure, reasonable configuration, and no high-power motor. It is not driven by pure mechanical energy for humidification, so there is no noise during operation and the atomization effect of the liquid is high.

Type Voltage Size Power Water Rate
PU-UHT-230W 48V 253*91*70MM 230 4.5KG/H

Mist Maker Fogger Ultrasonic Humidifier Atomizing Heads Water Fountain Pond Fog Atomizer Air Humidifier



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