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Frozen Cake Slicing Machines Ultrasonic Round Cutting Machine

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photobank 10 - Frozen Cake Slicing Machines Ultrasonic Round Cutting MachineThe advantage of ultrasonic food cutting knives lies not only in their efficient cutting ability, but also in their safety and ease of use. Due to the high-speed vibration of the cutting blade, there is no need to apply excessive force during cutting, making it very easy to use and reducing fatigue caused by long-term use. In addition, the ultrasonic food cutting knife also has an automatic stop function, which will automatically stop working after cutting is completed, avoiding safety accidents caused by negligence.
In addition to cutting ingredients, ultrasonic food cutting knives can also be used to make various foods, such as stirring, grinding, juice extraction, etc. Its versatility makes kitchen work easier and more efficient, making it an indispensable tool in modern kitchens.
However, ultrasonic food cutting knives also have some drawbacks. Firstly, its price is relatively high, which may be a significant expense for some families. Secondly, due to the special properties of ultrasonic technology, the cutting blade needs to be replaced regularly, which increases the cost of use. In addition, for some special ingredients, such as tough meat or bones, ultrasonic food cutting knives may not be able to completely cut and need to be used in conjunction with other tools.

Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
PLS-QGJ-800 800W 20khz/28khz/35khz/40khz
PLS-QGJ-900 900W 20khz/28khz/35khz/40khz
PLS-QGJ-1000 1000W 20khz/28khz/35khz/40khz

Frozen Cake Slicing Machines Ultrasonic Round Cutting Machine


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