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what is ultrasonic cleaning?Dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine

what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?

what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?

About " Ultrasonic Cleaning " : high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, via a high-frequency transducer converts mechanical vibration transmitted to the media --- cleaning solvents , ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and white radiating forward the liquid flow generating thousands of tiny bubbles of diameter 50-500μm , the presence of tiny air bubbles in the liquid under the effect of vibrations of the sound field . These bubbles in the negative pressure region the longitudinal ultrasonic wave propagation formation, growth , and in the positive zone , when the sound pressure reaches a certain value , the bubble increases rapidly and then suddenly closed . Closed and the shock wave generated in the bubble generating thousands of atmospheres around it , and allow them to destroy the dispersion of insoluble contaminants in the cleaning liquid when the body is wrapped in the oil and adhesion of the particles in the cleaning surface , the oil is emulsified solid and from the particle , so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the cleaning member . In this is called " cavitation" effect during closure of the bubbles may be formed of several hundred degrees and more than 1,000 High pressure transients , so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the cleaning object surface .
Second ultrasonic propagation in liquids , liquid , together with the cleaning tank at ultrasonic frequency vibration , liquid and has its own natural frequency of vibration when the cleaning tank , the vibration frequency of the acoustic frequency , so people would hear the hum .
Further , in the ultrasonic cleaning process , the naked eye can not see the vacuum bubble bubble nuclei , but the air bubbles generated its inhibition reduced cavitation cleaning efficiency . Only liquid air bubbles are completely towed , vacuum cavitation bubble nuclei in order to achieve the best results.
3 Principles
Ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator two parts. Ultrasonic cleaning tank with a strong good elasticity , corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel , bottom-mounted ultrasonic transducer transducer ; ultrasonic high frequency high voltage generator , via a cable connection wire transfer to the transducer , the transducer together with the vibrating plate produce high-frequency resonance , so that the solvent cleaning tank for dirt carried by ultrasonic cleaning .
4 Features
1, the cleaning effect, high and consistent whole workpiece cleanliness cleanliness
2 , cleaning speed, improve production efficiency , do not need to manually contact with cleaning fluid, secure and reliable
3 , pervasive, deep hole , slit and also clean the workpiece shelter
4 , no damage on the surface , saving solvents, heat, work sites and artificial .
Ultrasonic cleaning process and cleaning fluid selection
Before purchasing cleaning system, cleaning items are made ​​to deal with the following applications analysis:
1 Materials member clear wash composition, structure and quantity ;
(2) analysis and clearly to remove the dirt ;
3 determines the cleaning method to use to determine the application of water-based cleaning fluid or solvent , final cleaning experiments to be done .
The only way to provide a suitable cleaning system, designed cleaning processes and cleaning fluid.
Selection of chemicals
Taking into account the physical characteristics of the ultrasonic cleaning of cleaning fluid , wherein the vapor pressure , surface tension , viscosity , and
Zhongshan ultrasonic cleaning machine
Zhongshan ultrasonic cleaning machine
Single ultrasonic cleaning machine
Density should be the most significant factor. Temperature can affect these factors , it can also affect the efficiency of the cavitation effect .
Any cleaning system must use cleaning fluid. The aqueous system is usually composed of an open tank , wherein the workpiece is immersed . And complex system composed of a plurality of slots , and is equipped with filtration system , rinse tank, drying tank and other accessories.
For systems using a solvent , vapor- division multiple ultrasonic cleaning machine oil , often with continuous waste recovery . Ultrasonic vapor phase process is to remove grease from the evaporation of the solvent tank and immersion ultrasonic tank consisting of integrated multi- channel systems to complete . Under heat and ultrasonic agitation of the solvent vapor together, oil, grease, wax, dirt , and other solvent-soluble and are removed . After the cleaning process through a series of cutting the workpiece heating , clean and dry.
When selecting the cleaning solution , you should consider the following three factors:
1 cleaning efficiency : choose the most effective cleaning solvents, must be experimental . Such as the introduction of ultrasonic cleaning in the existing process, the solvent used generally do not change ;
2 Simple operation : liquid used should be safe and nontoxic , simple operation and long service life ;
3 Cost : cheapest cleaning solvent used is not necessarily the lowest cost . Must take into account the use of the solvent cleaning efficiency , safety, a maximum amount of solvent the number of utilization factors of the workpiece can be cleaned . Of course , the solvent must be selected to achieve the cleaning effect of the cleaning , and should be compatible with the material of the workpiece being cleaned . Water is the most common cleaning fluid , so easy to use water-based solution of system operation , low cost , wide application. However, for some materials, and are not applicable in an aqueous stain solution , then there are many solvents are available.what is ultrasonic cleaning machine?

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