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Ultrasonic vibrator application in water treatment

Ultrasonic vibrator shaped type of ultrasound probe so that the energy is concentrated at the end surface of the ultrasonic radiation can get powerful sound intensity , due to the effect of horn shaped , greatly improve the energy density ; sound energy density can react according to the size of the exact design device ; emission end face of the probe is generally designed as removable , so you can choose at any time depending on the desired sound intensity probe end face of the right size , at the same time , when the probe was severe corrosion after cavitation , simply replace the ends , without having to replace Price expensive entire vibrating rods. Ultrasonic vibrator can be used to handle a variety of refractory organic wastewater , has been used with single-ring aromatic compounds , polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons , phenols , chlorinated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons , organic acids , dyes , alcohols, ketones other studies of wastewater treatment , and achieved good results. In the actual industrial wastewater , the device has been used to process wastewater, wastewater, wastewater, wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater , landfill leachate , etc., and achieved good results .


    In addition , in some landscape lake , river ultrasonic vibrator can also be used for algae, algal . Mechanical effects , cavitation , thermal effects and other characteristics of ultrasonic acoustic streaming effect , so that the algae cells rupture, substance molecule bond rupture faulting on the wall and make the algae , death , to enhance algae vacuole fragmentation , cell death or growth suppression effect , causing a series of biological effects, cavitation in the liquid present in the micro-bubbles quickly closed after the sudden expansion of the jet and generate a shock wave to reach the equilibrium water algae elimination ecology purposes. Low-intensity ultrasound destroys the structure and function of phycobilisomes , interferes with chlorophyll synthesis pathway , so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting the growth of algae .ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel production

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