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ultrasonic power generator

The ultrasonic power source (or generator) is a method for generating and ultrasonic transducer means of ultrasonic energy. ultrasonic generator excitation in two ways: one is excited. The other is self-excited. Divided by the type of device used by the final amplifier tube, and can be divided into four categories: tube ultrasonic generator; the SCR inverter ultrasonic generator; transistor ultrasonic generator and power module ultrasonic generator. Tube-type thyristor inverter is basically obsolete, currently widely used transistor generator. The excited ultrasonic generator consists of two main parts, the first level is the oscillator after the class amplifier. Usually through the output transformer coupled to the ultrasonic energy applied to the transducer. And the self-oscillating ultrasonic generator oscillation amplifier, output transformer and transducer set as a whole, form a closed-loop feedback loop meet amplitude, phase conditions to form an oscillator power amplifier. And resonance in the mechanical resonance frequency of the transducer. Based on the characteristics of ultrasonic generator, discussion, analysis, design resonant ultrasonic generator, power amplifier and matching and other related issues. Resonance problems <frequency automatic tracking> the so-called resonant issue is to ask the generator output signal frequency resonant frequency of the transducer changes in their work to keep track of, that is known as automatic frequency tracking.
General application of ultrasonic equipment ultrasonic frequency 20KHz, 25KHz, 28khz, 33khz, 40khz, 60KHz; 100KHz or more have not yet large-scale use. But with the continuous development of the future precision cleaning. I believe the use of surface will be gradually expanded. Ultrasonic generator should have a feedback loop, two feedback signals: The first is to provide output power signal, we know that when the generator power supply (voltage) changes. Generator output power will change, this time to reflect on the transducer mechanical vibration suddenly big suddenly small, resulting in unstable cleaning effect. Therefore needs a stable output power, power feedback signal corresponding adjustment to the power amplifier, power amplifier stability. The second is to provide the frequency tracking signal. When its highest efficiency, most stable, while the resonant frequency of the transducer will change due to the the assembly causes and after aging, of course, such a change in the resonant frequency transducer frequency drift only variation is not great, The frequency of the tracking signal can control the signal generator, the signal generator frequency to track the resonant frequency of the transducer point within a certain range. Generator in the best condition. Of course, With modern electronic ultrasound technology, especially the development of the microprocessor (UP) and signal processor (DSP), the generator function more and more powerful, but no matter what changes, its core function should be as described above content, only when each part in the realization of ultrasonic technology is different.



Frequency (KHz)



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable



20khz-40khzFrequency is adjustable

Ultrasonic Power Supply features:

1, frequency sweep and frequency tracking
Ultrasonic transducer larger drift in the electrical parameters of the cold and hot state, in order to give full play to the performance of the ultrasonic signal generator, intelligent ultrasonic signal generator using a frequency scanning and tracking control. Once the signal generator to work instantly frequency sweep, stop scanning when scanning to a pre-set settings around the set point frequency tracking, automatic correction of the ultrasonic signal generator with the drift of the electrical parameters of the transducer.
2, the digital display
Digital display, both show the different working conditions of the signal generator: manual output frequency automatic tracking frequency, output power, signal generators ambient temperature, soft start, soft stop and the signal generator uses a light-emitting diode (LED) Fault code.
3, the self-diagnostic function and code
New ultrasonic signal generator has advanced fault self-diagnosis function and rich fault code display, for load short-circuit, open load, temperature signal generator, frequency automatic tracking function disability, boot failure, and all through the light-emitting diode (LED ) display shows to be handled differently depending on the failure.
4, troubleshooting function
Fault events before the first failure event analysis, in the event of the instant output short circuit, open circuit, does not pose a threat to the device only records does not handle, cut off the output protection for short circuit, open circuit failure. Signal generator scan from the highest frequency to lowest frequency, the absence of the corresponding output point set point, the signal generator to cut output protection, and displays the corresponding fault code.
5, soft-start and soft stop
Ultrasonic signal generator usually hard start, the impact of the power of the signal generator, it is easy signal generator damage, affecting life. New signal generator using single-chip microcomputer intelligent control, to avoid the current impact of the power of the signal generator to improve reliability and extend the service life of the signal generator.
6, the signal generator remote control
Ultrasonic signal generator, Off universal pass off the power supply method to control only affects the life of the signal generator, is not easy to control, the new ultrasonic signal generator using a signal control, in the long distance to a weak signal You can control the start and stop of the ultrasonic signal generator, convenient and flexible.
7, flexible control and easy to upgrade
New ultrasonic signal generator using software control, can greatly play to the flexibility of the system, change the software can be different control and the development of deep-seated multi-frequency output and frequency hopping output to meet the different needs of customers

Power output the IGBT-IV inverter technology (IGBT inverter technology: the world's most advanced, the most popular power technology, with small size, light weight, high conversion efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, good quality, long life and other advantages. I am currently the IGBT inverter ultrasonic cleaning machine stand-alone power up 3KW, is the leading domestic level, in which the main components are imported.) or power VMOS tube, high output power, excellent effect;

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