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     In all of the cleaning method , the ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient , the best kind of effect , why ultrasonic cleaning can achieve such results , with its unique cleaning method works and closely related . In the production of which is required to clean a lot of things need to be cleaned are many types and aspects , such as: object removal of pollutants , dredge small holes , a common method for manual cleaning nooks undoubtedly shaped objects, and objects can not meet the requirements, even steam cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning can not meet the high demand for cleanliness , ultrasonic cleaning for objects but also to kill bacteria , dissolved organic pollutants , prevent excessive corrosion , etc. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is becoming widely used in all walks of industry:
     ( 1 ) Machinery Industry : antirust grease removal ; measuring cleaning ; degreasing rust mechanical parts ; engines, carburetors and automobile parts cleaning ; filters, filter drain cleaning.
     ( 2 ) surface treatment industry : degreasing rust before plating ; former ion plating cleaning ; phosphate treatment ; remove coke ; remove oxide ; remove polishing paste ; metal surface activation treatment.
     ( 3 ) the instrumentation industry : high- precision parts assembly cleanliness before cleaning.
     ( 4 ) the electronics industry : In addition to the printed circuit board rosin , spot welding ; cleaning and other high-voltage electronic components and other mechanical contacts .
     ( 5 ) the medical industry : cleaning, disinfection , sterilization, cleaning utensils and other experimental medical devices .
     ( 6 ) the semiconductor industry : high cleanliness of the semiconductor wafer cleaning.
     ( 7 ) The first watches , jewelry industry : Clear sludge, dust, oxide layer , polishing paste .
     ( 8 ) chemical, biological industry : labware cleaning , descaling .
     ( 9 ) the optical industry : oil optics , in addition to sweat, cleaning and so on.
     ( 10 ) Textile industry : cleaning textile spindles , spinning plates.
     ( 11 ) Petroleum and Chemical Industry : Metal filter cleaning dredge , chemical containers, exchanger cleaning.
     Compared to other methods of cleaning , ultrasonic cleaning machine in specialization, production companies, has gradually ultrasonic cleaning machine replaces the traditional dipping , brushing, pressure washing , cleaning and steam cleaning vibration process method . Ultrasonic cleaning machine high efficiency and cleanliness , thanks to its penetration and cavitation shock wave produced when sound waves propagate in the medium. So it is easy to part with a complex shape , empty cavity clean and fine for general degreasing , rust , phosphate and other processes , the role of ultrasound can be completed in just under two or three minutes the speed than traditional methods can increase several times to times , cleanliness can achieve high standards , which in many of the product surface quality and productivity requirements of the occasion , the more prominently displayed with other treatment methods are difficult to reach or irreplaceable results.
     Wash a lot of dirt parts are generally used dip , spray and other methods for pre- cleaning. After clearing most of the dirt, and then the rest of ultrasonic cleaning dirt , then good results . If you wash small items and the shape of complex objects ( parts ) , if the use of cleaning materials to clean the network or make the rotation , vibration side by side ultrasonic radiation , can be uniformly cleaned.
     Advantages are as follows :
     ( 1 ) cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness , cleanliness consistent with the workpiece , the workpiece surface without damage.
     ( 2 ) do not have to hand contact with cleaning fluid , safe and reliable for the hole, slit and also clean the workpiece shelter .
     ( 3 ) saves solvents, heat, work sites and artificial .
     ( 4 ) cleaning of high precision, strong cleaning stains small particles.
     Professional ultrasonic cleaning machine , ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers, to provide you with the selection of equipment designed to locate the cleaning process , the most reasonable purchase price for the production of process requirements , meet all kinds of high- quality parts cleaning cleaning equipment .ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers

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