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Ultrasonic vibration plate is a bottom-mounted form Jiam letter ultrasonic vibration plate , mainly by the ultrasonic transducer mounted fully sealed stainless steel vibrating box and Jiam letter digital ultrasonic generator and high frequency shielded coaxial cable and other parts components.

Good bottom with ultrasonic cleaning machines increases, replacement, maintenance, cleaning for a variety of conditions part of the bottom plate of the ultrasonic shock shock needed .


Ultrasonic vibration plate ( bottom shock ultrasonic shock board ) is based on the user's installation form , lead the way , the slot size, power , frequency and other parameters required to tailor-made .
Ultrasonic vibration plate Features Benefits:
An ultrasound radiating with thick stainless steel plates to extend the life of cavitation erosion
2 , according to the working conditions , vibration plate radiating hard chrome plating, and prolong life
3 , advanced export Jiam letter digital ultrasonic generator, stable and durable
Cleaning effect :
1, the unique automatic scanning speed changes in the standing wave distribution of the medium to improve the uniformity of washing
2 , high-quality imported technology PZT transducer , output stability, good vibration force effect
3 , the ultrasonic output medium full uniform , effective
Maintenance is guaranteed :
1 , experienced professional services team, quick and thoughtful , customer satisfaction
2 , a full range of standard models accessories , large inventory , so you will not be affected emergency needs
3 , technical experts to provide you with a one-stop solution for cleaning ultrasonic vibration plate.immersible ultrasonic transducer cleaning

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