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ultrasound is defined as the frequency of the electromagnetic wave of about 20 kHz -50 MHz , which is a mechanical wave , requires energy vector - medium - to spread . In the presence of ultrasonic transmission process of alternating positive and negative pressure cycles , the positive phase , the molecules of the extrusion medium , the medium to increase the density of the original ; negative phase , the medium molecular sparse , discrete medium density decreases . That is, the ultrasonic wave can not produce polarized molecules within the sample , but the acoustic wave is generated in the cavitation of the solvent and the sample , resulting in the formation of bubbles in the solution , and blow compressed growth , so that dispersion of a solid sample , increasing the contact area between the sample and the extraction solvent to improve the object transfer from the solid phase to the liquid phase mass transfer rate . In industrial applications, the use of ultrasonic cleaning, drying, sterilization , and nondestructive detection of fog , is a very mature technology and has wide application .

Rod by Ultrasonic vibration of large amplitude power transducer radial vibration of the rod in the vicinity of 360 ° uniform rods generates ultrasonic , ultrasonic cleaning machine , and between which the amplitude is between the processor , therefore , the use of direction of more flexible. Ultrasonic vibrator can be used for any tank cleaning , can be freely placed anywhere in the cleaning tank , and occupies a very small volume of space , can be very flexible to use. Inside the autoclave used for the reaction , can be used to accelerate the dissolution of the inner wall to accelerate the reaction and prevent fouling .


2 biodiesel ultrasonic reactor works
Ultrasonic extraction for its low extraction temperature , extraction rate, extraction time is short unique advantages apply to herbs, oils, and a variety of dynamic , effective content of plant extracts , is an alternative to the traditional method of cutting technology to achieve high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection modern high-tech means to extract style . Ultrasonic extraction superiority of Chinese herbal medicines , is based on the special physical properties of ultrasound , mainly generated by the Piezoelectric Transducer rapid mechanical vibration waves to reduce the force goals extract and between the sample matrix in order to achieve solid - liquid extraction separation.
Simple ultrasonic extraction method and mechanism for Chinese medicine and natural medicine , adding extraction solvent in the container ( water, alcohol or other organic solvents, etc. ) , will be needed medicines crushed or cut into a pellet into a solvent extraction ; container bonding the outer wall of the transducer or transducer into the transducer in a stainless steel sealed container box ; open an ultrasonic generator , an ultrasonic transducer to issue a solvent extraction , ultrasonic ' cavitation ' and a mechanical action resulting in the extraction solvent , on the one hand the medicine can be effectively broken cell walls of the active ingredient was dissolved in the free state and the extraction solvent , the extraction solvent can accelerate other molecular motion , so that the extraction solvent and the active ingredient rapidly in medicine contact each fused and mixed.
3 biodiesel ultrasonic reactor Performance
Distribution of the cylindrical tank around 3.1 or cavitation is generated around the rods , ultrasonic energy is very uniform , so as to achieve the best cleaning results.
3.2 ultrasonic vibrator is not affected by the level of power output , tank capacity, and changes in temperature and other loads , uniform and stable power output .
Ultrasonic vibration than 3.3 bar with a conventional ultrasonic vibration plate life of 1.5 times or more .
3.4 vibrator tube design allows easy installation in any location in the tank .
3.5 ensure complete waterproof seal .
4 biodiesel ultrasonic reactor Applications
4.1 ultrasonic vibrator applicable to all industries workpiece cleaning, such as precision electronic parts, watch parts, optical glass parts, hardware machinery parts , jewelry, semiconductor silicon, polyester filter / spinnerets , medical equipment and parts cleaning cleaning before and after plating .
4.2 ultrasonic vibrator applied to medicine extraction, thick-walled metal pipe wall cleaning , boiler -line ultrasonic scaling, vacuum / pressure situations ultrasonic cleaning , ultrasonic processing pipeline in various fields and pipeline sound chemical processing.
4.3 ultrasonic vibrator is widely used in the traditional range of ultrasonic cleaning , biochemistry , food, chemical , pharmaceutical and other industries.
In biochemistry , ultrasonic vibration is applied to the rod is emulsified mass separation , homogenization , extraction, catalysis reactions , increase productivity ;
In the food industry, for use in ultrasonic vibrator Stir in homogeneous played a role can not be underestimated ;
In the chemical industry , ultrasonic vibrator applied to pipes, tanks , tank cleaning category . Using waste oil and palm oil biodiesel refining process, the catalytic effect of ultrasound is amazing , ten times more efficient in the petrochemical industry will have broad prospects for development .
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