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ultrasonic PZT transducerUltrasonic Washing System

Universal Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Universal Portable ultrasonic washing machineUniversal Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine,Universal Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine,Universal Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Use of foreign advanced technology , with a unique bonding process to ensure strong ultrasonic power output , the oscillator will never fall off , with heating , temperature control and other sections of models to choose from , there are ultrasonic frequency 20KHz, 25KHz, 28khz,33khz40khz,68khz,80khz,100khz,120khz


Use water-based alkaline or weakly acidic solvent as a cleaning agent.
This series applies Yu Zhi after plating pretreatment and plating cleaning, watch parts , jewelry , lenses, spectacle frames and glassware cleaning.
He was excited by the line structure, the input electrical power than the old circuit increased by more than 15%.
Ultrasonic cleaner frequency can be fine-tuned according to different working conditions .
Sweep line with the sound , improve the cleaning ultrasonic efficiency.
Optional additional features: ultrasonic output power continuous stepless adjustable, can show the range of 10 - 100% ;
New Products: digital ultrasonic generator , using IGBT modules, chip technology, more stable working conditions , the output power is more powerful.
Universal Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine Scope:
Electrical and electronic components, medical devices , automotive, motorcycle parts production and repair, metal stamping parts, pump nozzle , compressor parts and chemical fiber industry spinneret and ultrasonic filter cleaning machine.Universal Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine

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