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Ultrasonic degreasing methods

We know that to be necessary before painting pretreatment, so that surface is more suitable for coating, but also enhance the adhesion of paints and coatings, the coating better. Here we are speaking about before painting degreasing and ultrasonic degreasing chemical surface treatment method.

     Chemical degreasing:

     If conditions permit, for the best use of chemical bonding parts degreasing method. And the chemical degreasing method described in the following chemical treatment of the water used in the formulation, are soft or pure water, that is generally easy to obtain distilled water to prepare the treatment solution. Washing water using tap water.

     Ultrasonic degreasing:

     The surface treatment method is usually difficult to impurity components from the complex structure of the slit, lying at the other corner cleared out. In this case, ultrasound can be an ideal solution to the problem.

     Ultrasound is a high-frequency generator and the combination of the transducer can be converted by the electric vibration to mechanical vibration energy. Coating equipment coating pre-treatment using an ultrasonic degreasing, was placed in a clean fluid transducers, and in its vicinity of the workpiece into the process. When the ultrasonic frequency of 20-5000Hz, the already high enough to flip the energy of the fluid, while the interface surface with great mechanical erosion tear force or impact of impurities out from the wall, thus greatly accelerated the cleaning dirt speed. This method is more suitable for small complex parts. If the purification member is large, the frequency should be reduced accordingly. In most cases, the general part on the power of the ultrasonic wave treatment 20W/cm2 20-60s, will be able to get enough clean surface. Use liquid must be frequently changed, so the cleaning of the contaminated film formed on the surface member.

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