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Ultrasonic cleaning technology in the application of high-voltage electrostatic spraying machine

Abstract: The result of electrostatic spraying machine with high transfer efficiency, saving paint, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. have been widely used in major automotive manufacturers. Electrostatic spray sprayer cup is a key component of long-term use will be blocked, which will directly affect the quality of spraying. Spray cup is expensive, direct replacement will lead to unnecessary waste. Based on years of maintenance experience in automatic spraying machine equipment, Ultrasonic cleaning technology for automatic electrostatic sprayer, spray cups and other precision mechanical parts cleaning, and achieved good results, while ensuring the quality of spraying while saving maintenance costs.

Keywords: ultrasonic cleaning electrostatic sprayer nozzle spray Cup

A body of principles of electrostatic spraying

Electrostatic spraying is grounded body is positive to the gun (bell) is negative, the bipolar electrostatic field formed between the electrostatic field, the negatively charged paint is adsorbed on the car body. Electrostatic spraying operations are done by the automatic spraying machine, automatic spraying machine spraying machine generally consists of side and top spray machine. Side spray machine vertical surfaces on both sides of the main body spray, body spray top spray machine is mainly the front, top and rear.

Two ultrasonic cleaning mechanism and advantages

ultrasonic frequency above 20 kHz, high frequency ultrasonic waves, wave length, and thus the direction of spread of good penetration ability. Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in the cavitation in the liquid, etc. to achieve the acceleration acts dirt layer dispersion, emulsification, the final purpose is stripped, is the best solution cleaning precision parts. Table 1 shows the effect of different cleaning methods comparative data.

As can be seen from Table 1, the ultrasonic cleaning effect is much better. Other cleaning methods are generally manual cleaning plus some complementary measures (such as using compressed air, etc.), there is a slow cleaning of the hole, slit and components shelter and other shortcomings can not be cleaned.

The cleaning effect of different cleaning methods

3 ultrasonic cleaning technology

With the coating production progresses, automatic electrostatic spraying equipment spray on cups, shaping air ring nozzles and other components will gradually be contaminated, you need to shutdown period for cleaning and maintenance work. + Original manual cleaning by solvent immersion method, first the dirty parts on a stainless steel box filled with a solvent soaked for some time; then clean the surface with a brush, clean the holes with a needle; re-use compressed air to blow; finally cleaned parts soaked in clean solvent use. + Manual cleaning solvent immersion method of time-consuming, laborious, but can not guarantee 100% good cleaning effect, have occurred because the individual is not clean spray cup body paint caused by quality problems. While employees often exposure to toxic, odorous solvent, is not conducive to good health. To this end, the technical staff inspected the two places in Wuxi, Zhangjiagang and ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers, combined with our automatic spraying machine precision parts the actual structure, and ultimately selected two ultrasonic cleaning machine BYD-100 and BYD-200 with in routine maintenance work, including BYD-100 (power of 100 W) for the initial wash, BYD-200 (power of 200 W) for sperm washing, the effect is very good. Here are a few parts ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning before and after contrast to the situation. a. Figure 1 is cleaned before and after the spray cup. b. Figure 2 is cleaned before and after the shaping air ring.

Cleaning before and after spraying Cup

Figure 1 cleaning before and after spraying Cup

Cleaning before and after shaping air ring

Figure 2 cleaning before and after the shaping air ring

4 Conclusion

In terms of production for automobile painting, cleaning is a very important job. The ultrasonic technology for automatic spraying machine precision parts cleaning, to ensure the quality of cleaning, to solve the problem had existed cleaning, eliminating the impact of body mass a high voltage electrostatic spraying problems, you can also save maintenance costs.

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