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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 28khz/40khzultrasonic cleaning process

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khz

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khzUltrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khz,Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khz

Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of Ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid , the direct, indirect and direct effects of the acceleration acting on the inflow of liquid and dirt effects , so that dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified , to achieve the purpose of cleaning and peeling . The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation and flow straight into the role of the application even more.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khz Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation in the high frequency transformation method that is more than twenty times per second, less compression force and the liquid pressure for interactive transmission . When reduced pressure to produce liquid bubble nuclei vacuum phenomenon in the compression force, produced by vacuum bubble nuclei powerful impact crushing pressure , thereby stripping the surface to be cleaned of dirt, so as to achieve precision wash purposes.

In the ultrasonic cleaning process , the naked eye can not see the bubble nuclei of vacuum bubbles, but the air bubbles generated cavitation its inhibition reduced cleaning efficiency. Only liquid air bubbles are completely off the walk , vacuum cavitation bubble nuclei in order to achieve the best results.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khz Straight flow effect

Ultrasonic flow generated in the liquid along the propagation direction of the acoustic phenomenon known as the straight flow . 0.5W/cm2 acoustic intensity , the naked eye can see a straight flow , the flow in the plane of vibration perpendicular to produce a flow rate of about 10cm / s. By this straight stream to be cleaned so that the surface of the micro-oil dirt is stirred dirt surface cleaning fluid convection also dissolve dirt dissolving liquid mixed with the new solution , dissolve faster, plays for dirt removal big role.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khz Acceleration

Promote the acceleration of particles produced by the liquid . For higher -frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines, cavitation on the very significant , and this time depends mainly on cleaning liquid particle acceleration under the impact of ultrasound on the dirt particles ultra precision cleaning .Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 28khz/40khz

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