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Rigid endoscopy equipment cleaning and moisturizing the timeliness of processing

Rigid endoscopy and general surgical instruments, surgical instruments, compared with its lumen long, thin, complex structure characterized. Its structural features to increase the cleaning work great difficulty, laparoscopic surgical instrument cleaning incomplete sterilization is leading an important factor in patients with nosocomial infection, endoscopic instrument cleaning and disinfection and sterilization in place, affecting the quality of care and patient care safety. Cleaner directly affects the quality of sterilization effect, in 2004 the Ministry of Health for endoscopic instrument cleaning effect of the cleaning process and made clear. Rigid endoscopic surgery of the cleaning process from the middle to go through recovery, transportation, checking and other processes, contaminants may dry up in the process, thereby increasing the difficulty of cleaning, the paper dry state pollutants, moisture handling equipment, etc. cleaning effect on the extent of research. The results were as follows:

1 Materials and methods

1.1 Material magpie Xiang Lu Wofu full effect multi-enzyme cleaning solution; cherry ultrasonic cleaning machine; EndoCheck pipe cleaning brush; pressure water gun, air gun; lumen Stryker rigid endoscopy equipment: "clean police" residual protein assay reagent ( Beijing magpie Xiang companies). Multi-enzyme cleaning solution according to the enzyme than the water two one; 270 configured added after ultrasonic cleaning machine tank or soak box in the back.

1.2 Methods

1.2.1 Experimental groups were divided into three experimental groups, A group of rigid endoscopy cleaned immediately after being contaminated with blood, B group contaminated with blood after exposure to air one hour after cleaning, C group after being contaminated with blood enzyme cleaning solution in a multi- After an hour in moisturizing wash.

1.2.2 prototyping take rigid endoscopy dismantled, with the same size of the lumen and the length of certain surgical instruments, equipment cleaning to the first inner lumen protein reagents tested negative: fresh from the operating table deprecated cord blood with a syringe filled (about lOml) instrument lumen.

1.2.3 The cleaning effect is detected using the "clean police" residual hemoglobin detection reagent cotton head repeatedly wipe the lumen wall, then use a clean cotton head scissors to cut human protein reagent bottle, coincidentally minutes after the observation cotton head has turned purple If the display has become purple protein residues, as unqualified, otherwise qualified.

1.2.4 Statistical Methods A group and the other three groups for two independent samples nonparametric test, P <0.05 was considered statistically significant. SPSS10.0 statistical software

2 Results

Immediately after cleaning contaminated equipment pass rate% .88% contamination of instruments placed in the air one hour after cleaning, with a pass rate of 88.89%; contamination of equipment in a multi-enzyme cleaning fluid moisturizer one hour after cleaning, qualified rate of 95.56%.

The results in Table 1, three groups cleaning table

The results in Table 1, three groups cleaning table

A group and B group comparison: z = a 3.435, p two 0.O1

A comparison with group C: z = -0.721, p = 0.471

8 compared with group C: z = -2.421, p = 0.015

3 Discussion:

Hospital infections are becoming more attentions. United States each year about 2.1 million cases of nosocomial infection in patients, the hospital each year suffer losses of 583} 4,886 USD / person. 1994 of hospital infection rate was 9.1%, the resulting loss of about 1 billion yuan. Domestic survey data show that medicine about 1/4 of deaths and hospital infection. In particular, the use of some advanced treatment means in reducing the suffering of patients, but also increases the pathogenic microorganisms into the body the opportunity to increase the incidence of nosocomial infection. United States each year 15 million cases of times due to improper disinfection of endoscopic hospital infections, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HBsAg, etc. have been reported. Therefore, WHO recommends cleaning and disinfecting the instrument principle that pollution equipment for initial cleaning is a necessary step sterilization. Medical equipment used after a thorough cleaning to remove attached to the top in the blood, pus, body fluids and other organic matter is the key to control of hospital infection. If not completely remove the dirt from the instrument clean any residual organics are formed on the surface of microorganisms protective layer impede sterilization system in contact with microbes or delaying its effect sterilization gas hinder effective contact with microorganisms, either chemical, physical sterilization methods are likely to cause sterilization failure. Particular class lumen device, difficult to remove due to their complicated structure contamination of the cleaning incomplete sterilization process in bacteria to survive, elongated rigid endoscopic lumen, there are many hidden surfaces, solids may lay up, such as blocks, pistons can also be subject to microbial contamination. Hanson et spent on AIDS research bronchoscopy and colonoscopy found only after cleaning HIV, HBsAg were all negative. Thus, the medical equipment cleaning quality is directly related to the incidence of nosocomial infections, and cleaning is a prerequisite for clean, one should not neglect due to sterilization cleaning link.

The full effect of good quality multi-enzyme cleaning agent contains a variety of enzymes ingredients, can effectively remove the body fat, blood, mucus, gastric juice, faeces and urine. Which contains enzymes and enzymes collaboration to coordinate the interaction between the enzyme and the enzyme; enhanced lipase can quickly break down rigid endoscopic surgical instruments contaminated with lumen class rear residual bile with a lot of fat, blood. Therefore, using the full effect of multiple enzyme cleaning solution immediately wash or use their equipment for moisturizing treatments can greatly improve the instrument especially endoscopic instrument cleaning quality.

We know that if organic pollution devices become dry, then rinse thoroughly to remove it is difficult to make a qualitative instruments affected by sterilization. As can be seen from the experimental results, surgical instruments contaminated wash immediately after use the best, if not cleaned immediately, moisturizing treatment should be carried out to ensure that the cleaning effect. At present, many hospitals have adopted a Supply Center Department of Surgery integrated management model, due to equipment inventory, transfer, transport and other sectors affected after surgery, the possibility of cleaning equipment immediately restricted. To ensure the quality of endoscopic equipment clean, protect patient safety, medical institutions should aim to reduce costs, the development of relevant regulations and instructions, especially for not timely cleaning of equipment, the request must be moisturizing treatment.

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