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Now the new energy development more attention by governments, some countries even become an important strategy for sustainable development, status can be said that no one can shake ah. So wipe the top with the new energy technology companies are now able to number them is more difficult to calculate, but success is rare to catch the edge of it, and ultrasonic cleaning machine With high cleaning efficiency has become one of the best, and received a warm welcome. This was also due to the requirements of silicon due to such basic elements, then the wafer cleaning requirements, what is it?
     Requirements for wafer cleaning effect, there are four:
     1, the cleaning effect is better, be sure to wash clean enough, can not have any residual silicon surface, can not have any spots.
     2, on the wafer surface is very sensitive and can not have any damage, such wafers usually requires a certain amount of corrosion, corrosion can not be completely on silicon moderate damage and corrosion is very precise requirements.
     3, the cleaning power of persistence, cleaning and long life, cost planning.
     4, convenience of operation, the human body, environmentally sound, to meet emissions standards.
     Wafer cleaning are also described ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine also illustrates the cleaning effect and role, we believe that in the future, new technology on energy ultrasonic cleaning chance than now to go further and wider.

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