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Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine

industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is a practice with people living very close working relationship, from ancient times human beings began to engage in such labor. Because traditional cleaning operation is simple, or simply as a process dependent on the production process, without causing widespread concern. In the 21st century, people have been living from subsistence stage to comfort era, more and more products for the cleaning needs to accelerate the pace of new product development; Meanwhile, the rapid development of the manufacturing sector, also contributed to the cleaning equipment, cleaning agents companies The rapid progress. Civil, industrial cleaning field two huge market demand, China's cleaning industry has created a new future.
Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine method:


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Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine can generally be classified in the following three ways:
1. In accordance with the requirements of precision cleaning different, mainly divided into general industrial cleaning, industrial cleaning precision and ultra precision industrial cleaning three categories.
General industrial cleaning including vehicles, ships, aircraft surface cleaning, generally only remove relatively coarse dirt;
Precision industrial cleaning products processing production processes including the washing, the surface of a variety of materials and equipment cleaning, etc., in order to remove fine particles of dirt characterized;
Ultra-precision cleaning industrial production processes including precision mechanical parts, electronic components, ultra-precision optical components such as cleaning, to remove tiny particles of dirt for the purpose.
2. According to the different cleaning methods can also be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning: Using mechanics, acoustics, optics, electrical, thermal principle, relying on the role of external energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic, vacuum, high pressure. ) In the strike. Ultraviolet radiation, steam and other methods to remove surface dirt called physical cleaning; action rely on chemical reactions, the use of chemicals or other solvent to remove surface dirt, chemical cleaning method is called. As with various inorganic or organic acid to remove the surface rust, scale, with an oxidizing agent to remove surface stain, use fungicides. Disinfectants kill microorganisms and remove mildew and so on. Physical cleaning and chemical cleaning there are advantages and disadvantages, but also has good complementary. In the actual application process, often used to combine the two to obtain a better cleaning effect.
3. According to the type of cleaning media, and can be divided into wet and dry cleaning Cleaning: generally be carried out in a liquid cleaning medium is called wet cleaning, the gas medium for washing called dry type cleaning. The traditional cleaning methods are mostly wet cleaning, and people are easier to understand dry cleaning is the vacuum cleaner. But in recent years, the rapid development of dry-cleaning. Such as laser cleaning. UV cleaning, plasma cleaning, dry ice cleaning, etc., at high. Precision and rapid development of industrial technology.

Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine Scope:

In industrial production and labor involved in the process of cleaning industrial cleaning belong to the category. Food industry. Textile industry. Paper industry. Printing industry. Oil processing industry. Transportation, electric power industry, metal processing industry, machinery industry. Automobile manufacturing, instrumentation, electronics, telecommunications, home appliances. Medical devices. Optical products, military equipment, aerospace, nuclear industry and so a large number of applications to the cleaning technology.

Industrial Ultrasonic cleaner advantages:

Ultrasonic cleaning is internationally recognized as the current highest efficiency and best cleaning methods, the cleaning efficiency of 98% or more, cleaning cleanliness has reached the highest level, and the traditional manual cleaning and the cleaning efficiency of organic solvent cleaning of only 60% - 70%, even gas cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning cleaning efficiency is less than 90% Therefore, the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine for its high efficiency, good effect, for large workloads cleaning cleaning feature is undoubtedly the best choice, This is why those who require high degree of cleanliness in the industry, such as vacuum coating, optical equipment, medical equipment and other industries have chosen reason for ultrasonic cleaning.
Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine the following advantages:
Thorough cleaning items ① dead: ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the other hand is not completely effective cleaning method for cleaning work, has a significant cleaning effect, can completely meet cleaning requirements, complex workpieces remove stains hidden corner at the corner;
② variety of workpieces batch cleaning: no matter how complex the shape of the workpiece, put it in the cleaning solution, as long as that can come into contact with liquids, ultrasonic cleaning effect can be achieved. Ultrasonic cleaning machine the workpiece shape and structure of the complex is particularly applicable;
③ multi-purpose cleaner: ultrasonic cleaning machine can be combined with different solvents to achieve different effects, to meet the different supporting the production process, such as: oil, rust, dust, wax, in addition to dust, in addition to or phosphating, passivation, vitrified and plating.
④ reduce pollution: Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution and to reduce the damage to human toxic solvents, environmentally efficient.
⑤ reduce manual: The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize automatic workpiece cleaning, drying, simply cleaning the workpiece unloading end of the configuration an operations staff can greatly reduce the manual cleaning required number of personnel and cleaning time.
⑥ shorten operation time: Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning and manual cleaning compared to manual cleaning cleaning time is reduced to a quarter;
⑦ reduce labor intensity: Hand cleaning: cleaning the environment more hostile, heavy physical labor, complex mechanical parts need to take a long time cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning: low labor intensity, clean environment, clean and orderly, complex parts automatically and efficiently cleaned.
⑧ Green Energy: ultrasonic cleaning supporting circulation and filtering system, enabling the loop filter cleaning solvent used repeatedly for the conservation of water resources, cleaning solvent costs, improve corporate environmental image of great significance.

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