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Immersion ultrasonic cleaner

1. Ultrasonic shock board, by the shock plate and ultrasonic generator two parts composition, when the standard model Ultrasonic cleaner does not apply to the specific working conditions, in addition to special specifications can be customized. You can also use input-type shock board device, converted into ultrasonic cleaning machine, which can save the cost of equipment to achieve the cleaning effect.
2. Shock plate with stainless steel structure alkali, acid, shock plate coated with hard chrome. ultrasonic transducer with high-quality performance products, electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.
3. Adopt split structure, the shock plate and ultrasonic generator using high-frequency cable with socket, use and maintenance are convenient.
4. Flexible mounting arrangement according to the ultrasonic radiating surface may be disposed on the bottom surface of the cleaning tank, side or top.
5. Ultrasonic shock board can be customized according to customer requirements ultrasonic shock board for cleaning electroplating parts before cleaning, watch parts, hardware and machinery parts, polyester filters, semiconductor silicon, tools, lenses, frames, jewelry, jewelry, glass, utensils and other industries, a wider application.
Ultrasonic shock board Precautions

1: Be sure to end in the washing liquid in the tank cleaning machine shock over board to boot; 2: ultrasonic generator should be kept away from heat sources, and maintain good ventilation and cooling;
3: ultrasonic power must prevent the liquid into the interior, in order to avoid short circuit or corrosion;
4: ultrasonic shock board free disposable work eight hours or more, if there is a continuous work, we recommend working four hours or more, a short break and then continue working.
5: Regularly cleaning the tank, so that the surface clean;
6: The machine has often times does not work, you need to idling, generally two weeks or once a month, run;
7: shock plate if there is breakdown phenomenon, the need for timely replacement of steel;

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