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Filter ultrasonic cleaning machine

Filter ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for a variety of chemical industry, metal wire drawing machine, chemical industry, water purification equipment and other industries, mainly to wash the dirty dust, powder, glue, and other debris clogging the hole blind hole, etc. These parts of the manpower difficult to reach, such models can right through the hole, slit and shelter clean.

The internal structure of the filter ultrasonic cleaning machine
(1) Driver Module
Ultrasonic cleaning machine filter driver module is a composite power devices, set power MOSFET transistors and integrated with the input impedance of the drive power is small, low switching losses, fast switching speed, large capacity advantages components.
(2) Crystal line
Line using full-bridge or half-bridge driver, the output when the large, high conversion efficiency (low heat), the output waveform is smooth (to outside interference), Q value, low loss.
(3) large radiating transducer
Radiating using a large transducer having a large electromechanical coupling factor, Q value is moderate. And with special adhesives and bonding technology (3T per square centimeter can withstand static tension), so that the transducer can withstand long-term alternating load, Avoid generating glue adhesive surface crack.
(4) high permeability magnetic core
Output matching part of a high permeability core, composite match output, and with a fan forced cooling.

Filter ultrasonic cleaning machines generally adopts the international advanced, sophisticated circuitry and quality components, the use of advanced design and manufacturing process, the generator output power demand stepless adjustment, the frequency can be adjusted, long-term use and cleaning when the generator output frequency grooves match the natural frequency can be manually adjusted to the resonance. Citation machine can be used 24 hours a day, with a simple, stable, strong ultrasound, long life and other advantages.

Filter ultrasonic cleaning machine Note:
1, filter ultrasonic generator power line safety ground lug on the plug has been connected to the generator chassis, but also with the cleaning tank shell connections. Make sure when using the safe and reliable grounding receptacle to protect personal safety. 2, the ultrasonic generator should be placed in a dry environment, to ensure the wall after the departure from the distance of at least 10 cm or more, in order to facilitate the smooth flow of cooling channel ultrasonic generator. Input supply voltage should be maintained at 220v ± 10% range.
3, with the ultrasonic transducer cleaning cartridge slot or vibration should be gently, to avoid excessive vibration.
Should be checked before starting the cleaning tank water level is appropriate, must not be in the case of dry cleaning tank boot.
4, careful care of transmission cable, do not stress or misfortune to scratch, boot time is not removable cable. For extension cable, you should look for the original connection, two lines shall not be interchanged or short circuit.

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