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Eyeglass lens ultrasonic cleaner

Optical Optical Lens Ultrasonic cleaner

       Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly used in the optical industry: mobile phone lens, touch-screen computers, glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses and other optical products, coated prior to assembly process between before and after cleaning; photoelectric ITO conductive glass is mainly used in industry, LCD substrate cleaning, LCD chip package residual liquid crystal clean.


An efficiency of up to 95% using an ultrasonic generator, power 10-100% adjustable

2 uses 40khz, 68KHZ other high-frequency ultrasonic frequency

3 unique slow pull dehydration, circulating hot air drying method, replacing the traditional solvent dehydration, that is safe and environmentally friendly

4 Multi-stage filter circulation system overflow, continuous clean, cleaning fluid

Over five tank ultrasonic cleaning process to ensure the cleaning effect

5 exhaust system with exhaust

5 a piece throwing devices, better cleaning effect; 8. Fully water-based cleaning, environmental compliance

Cleaning process: three two ultrasonic ultrasound lotion wash → washing → City → three ultrasonic spray wash water slowly pull pure water washing → ​​→ two hot air drying dehydration

Cleaning the workpiece: mobile phone lens, touch-screen computers, projectors, rear projection TVs, digital cameras, mobile phone panels, automotive mirrors and other optical glass

Cleaning solvent: water-based cleaning agent

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