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The unique vacuum steam cleaning + vacuum drying system, not only a clean surface to be cleaned, and dried excellent;

▉ cleaning solution degassed, the Ultrasonic cavitation enhanced cleaning ability has been greatly improved;
▉ steam cleaning + vacuum drying process is conducted in a vacuum, safety performance is very good;
▉ steam cleaning, drying and vapor recovery in two stages, cleaning fluid consumption is small, low running costs.
▉ can be sucked out of blind holes, slits and the air between the parts, the cleaning liquid easily flow enhanced cleaning ability.
▉ supernatant may be heated to above the flash point, the cleaning fluid for the dirt dissolving power doubled.
▉ in the cleaning step, the use of high-temperature cleaning liquid is passed to the heat balance by washing parts, the drying step can proceed smoothly.
▉ under vacuum, the boiling point of the solution decreased, evaporation speed; same time, because the rapid formation of a vacuum, the solvent is attached to the object with evaporation.

Device uses a unique vacuum cleaning + vacuum drying system. Equipment consists of a vertical cylinder lifting mechanism, pan cylinder mechanism, throwing actuator, rotary device, vacuum cleaning device, vacuum dryer configuration, automatic filters, Mitsubishi PLC control system, automatic alarm system, degassing, vacuum distillation recycling machine, pumping exhaust system components. Requires a cold 10HP air-cooled chiller. Using hydrocarbon water as a cleaning agent. The advanced design, reasonable structure, convenient operation is currently the most environmentally friendly industrial cleaning industry automation maximum cleaning effect best cleaning equipment.

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