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Innovation is based on new thinking, new inventions and new description of the characteristics of a process of conceptualization.

Electroplating process is indispensable ultrasonic cleaning process

 Cleaning is an important process essential for the electroplating process , whether it is cleaning before plating or cleaning after plating , metal plating production will affect the chemical co

2013-11-4 21:34:47

Ultrasonic cleaning machine carving machine

 Engraving machine is a computer controlled precision production equipment , and its movement is processed by a precision mechanical movement agencies to complete , in order to ensure the normal

2013-11-4 21:33:55

Military industry ultrasonic cleaning machine

 Mainly refers to the high-end equipment manufacturing aerospace, marine engineering, satellites and their application , such as a high level of high-speed railway equipment industry , including

2013-11-4 21:31:47

Ultrasonic treatment can make rice production of rice

 Meizhou first field trial : yield than conventional techniques yield 62.2 kgTuning techniques using ultrasonic processing of rice seeds , rice production can actually Jin Yicheng five . This is

2013-11-3 16:39:7

Motor rotor precision ultrasonic cleaning machine

 With understanding , Chinese manufacturers a big manufacturing country forward power development in recent years, intelligent motor wide range of applications . In the course of the motor , the

2013-11-3 16:36:7

Micro-motor parts ultrasonic cleaner

 In recent years , with the development of science and technology and the continuous development of control systems for micro-motor parts have become increasingly demanding . And micro-motor manu

2013-11-3 16:31:35

How night vision ultrasonic cleaning

 In recent years , China's rapid development of night vision , problems are also more, such as : the production of technological backwardness , lack of equipment , and other types of corporate st

2013-11-3 16:27:21

Fine piezo ceramic ultrasonic cleaning machine

 Fine Ceramics is a modern high-tech fields developed in a branch of materials science , is used more and more widely used as a new material. Developed countries are the national high-tech develo

2013-11-3 16:25:14

Ultrasonic cleaner agent can be used repeatedly

 In the ultrasonic cleaner agent discussions, it is for the dirt and cleaning process cleaning principle . From long ago began to appear clean , but the cleaning process and the highly complex sy

2013-11-3 16:23:38

Ultrasound in liquids social role

 Ultrasonic cleaner is the use of ultrasonic flow meter in the liquid role socialization , the acceleration function and effect a straight flow of liquids and dirt , directly or indirectly effect

2013-11-3 16:5:46

Automatic intelligent optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine

 Optical glass used more and more widely , the quality is getting higher and higher , so the optical glass coating technology also put forward higher requirements. Different glass surface contami

2013-11-3 15:59:37

ultrasonic sound generator

ultrasonic sound generator Founded in March 1996 , is the earliest in the ultrasonic cleaner power R & D and production enterprises. We always uphold the "quality first, customer first "

2013-10-14 11:46:30

how does ultrasonic cleaning work

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the end is how to accomplish the work of cleaningUltrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in liquids social effects, deceleration effects and straight flow of liquid

2013-9-21 19:41:47

applications of ultrasonics in industry

Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration propagation process in the medium , the frequency usually above 20kHz . Ultrasound is widely used , mainly into two categories , one is the use of weak ultrasonic

2013-9-21 19:39:14

industrial applications of ultrasonics

The application of ultrasound in the industry   Ultrasonic welding: an ultrasonic high frequency vibration of the welding head, under moderate pressure in the two joining surfaces of the pla

2013-9-21 19:36:47
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