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ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturerswhat is ultrasonic cleaning machine?

what is ultrasonic cleaning?

what is ultrasonic cleaning?what is ultrasonic cleaning?what is ultrasonic cleaning?what is ultrasonic cleaning?what is ultrasonic cleaning?

What is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ? Principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning simply means that it is with the shock wave generated by the liquid bubble burst to achieve the role of internal and external cleaning and scouring the surface of the workpiece . Next Xiao Bian gave you detailed market research China United Network ultrasonic cleaning machine theory about what is ? What is ultrasound ?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle: the power of the ultrasonic transducer audio source can be converted into mechanical vibrations through the walls of the trough in the cleaning tank cleaning liquid ultrasonic radiation , micro-bubbles in the liquid tank under the action of acoustic vibrations , when the sound pressure or sound intensity reaches a certain value , the rapid growth of the bubble , and then suddenly closed, closed at the moment the bubble the bubble generating a shock wave is generated around 1012-1013pa partial pressure and thermostat, tremendous pressure such that the ultrasonic energy generated by cavitation damage differentiation of their insoluble contaminants in the solution leaving the steam -type cavitation repeated impact directly on the stain , while deterioration absorption of dirt and cleaning the surface , on the other hand can cause fatigue damage and dirt layer is split off , vibrating gas bubbles on the solid surface type scrub , dirt floor joints can be drilled once the bubble immediately " drill " vibration so dirty layer off , due to the cavitation , the two liquids quickly dispersed and emulsified in the interface , when the solid particles are oil adhered wrapped in the cleaning surface , the oil is emulsified , solid particles to fall off , when the ultrasonic propagation is generated in the cleaning solution of alternating positive and negative acoustic pressure , forming a jet , impact cleaning member , and due to the nonlinear effect generates acoustic streaming and micro- acoustic streaming , and Ultrasonic cavitation in solid and liquid interface will produce high-speed micro- jets , all of these effects can destroy dirt, remove or weaken the boundary layer pollution , increased agitation , diffusion, accelerated soluble dirt was dissolved , to enhance the cleaning action of chemical cleaning agents. Thus , any liquid can be dipped and the sound field where there exists cleaning effect , which is characterized by a very complex shape suitable for surface cleaning components. Especially after the adoption of this technology can reduce the amount of chemical solvents , thereby greatly reducing environmental pollution.
Second, ultrasonic cleaning machine principle of what is called ultrasound ? Ultrasound features is what ?
Sonic is one of the categories are sound , are mechanical waves , sound waves is the human ear can feel a longitudinal wave , the frequency range of 16hz-20khz. When sound waves at frequencies below 16hz called infrasound , higher than 20khz is called ultrasonic sound waves.
Ultrasonic has the following characteristics :
1 ) ultrasound can effectively spread the gas , liquid, solid , solid solution and other media.
2 ) strong ultrasonic energy can pass .
3 ) produce ultrasonic reflection , interference, superposition and resonance phenomena .
4 ) When the ultrasonic wave propagation in a liquid medium, can produce a strong impact and cavitation in the interface.
Third, the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning what is
Cleaning means on the surface of the liquid and solid contaminants , clean the workpiece to a certain extent , the cleaning process is the cleaning medium , contaminants, this interaction between the surface of the three , is a complex physical and chemical effects process. Cleaning not only the nature of contaminants , type, shape and degree of adhesion of the relevant physical and chemical properties of the medium and washing , cleaning function , material, surface condition of the workpiece , but also with the cleaning conditions such as temperature, pressure, and additional Ultrasonic vibration , mechanical force and other factors. So choose a scientific and rational cleaning process , the process must be analyzed . Application : These models use city water, add a little water-soluble detergent cleaning solution composed , so the lower the cost. Widely used in hardware , electronics, watches, machinery , tools , glasses , jewelry, semiconductor silicon , polyester and polyester filter spinnerets and glassware cleaning.
The above content is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machines . Ultrasound diagnostic ultrasound market analysis report shows that in fact, in addition to use in ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used as a non-invasive inspection equipment .
Ultrasonic cleaning benefits , the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning of industrial products . The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines greatly improve the efficiency and precision cleaning , washing the dead past , blind holes and at the filth has been difficult to reach people feel more headaches, ultrasonic cleaning machine appears to make this job a breeze .
Ultrasonic cleaning advantages:
A , can penetrate into the blind hole of the workpiece , to clean both inside and outside the effect .
Second, the cleaning effect of the workpiece uniform.
Third, with the use of cleaning agents to accelerate the separation and dissolved contaminants will not cause any damage to the surface,
Fourth, no manual cleaning, reducing people's work physical strength .
Fifth, the cleaning speed . Mobile machine is at least twice more than the manual cleaning , automatic efficiency will be greatly improved . And do not realize the function of manpower .what is ultrasonic cleaning?

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