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what is industrial cleaning

What is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ? Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle simply means that it is with ultrasonic cleaning liquid bubble burst the resulting shockwave to achieve internal and external cleaning and scouring the surface of the workpiece role . The next Chinese joint market research network Xiao Bian gave you in detail about what is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ? What is ultrasound ?
Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle: the power ultrasonic transducer frequency sound sources can be converted into mechanical vibrations through the walls of the trough in the cleaning tank cleaning fluid radiate ultrasound microbubbles tank liquid under the action of the acoustic vibration , when the sound pressure or sound intensity reaches a certain value , the rapid growth of the bubble , and then suddenly closed , at the moment of closure of the bubbles produce a shock wave is generated around the bubble pressure and the 1012-1013pa local thermostat, this Ultrasonic cavitation generated pressure can damage insoluble dirt and allow them to differentiate in the solution , the steam -type cavitation repeated impact directly on the stain , dirt and cleaning member on the one hand damage to the adsorption , on the other hand can cause fatigue failure of the dirt layer was split off , gas -type vibration on solid surface bubbles to scrub , dirt floor joints can be drilled once the bubble immediately " drill " vibration off the dirty floor , because cavitation at the interface of two liquids quickly dispersed emulsion , when the solid particles are oil wrapped and adhered to the cleaning surface , the oil is emulsified , solid particles to fall off , the ultrasonic propagation in the cleaning solution will produce a sound pressure alternating positive and negative , to form the jet , impact cleaning member , and due to the nonlinear effects generates acoustic streaming and micro- acoustic streaming and cavitation in solid and liquid interface will produce high-speed micro- jet, all of these effects can destroy dirt, sewage removal or weakening boundary layer , increasing mixing, diffusion, accelerated soluble dirt the dissolution , chemical cleaning agent to enhance cleaning effect . Thus , those who dipped into the liquid and the sound field can exist where there cleaning effect , which is characterized by a very complex surface shape for parts cleaning. Especially the use of this technology , you can reduce the amount of chemical solvents , thus greatly reducing environmental pollution.
Second, the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic What ? Ultrasound characteristics of what ?
Sonic belongs to one of the categories of sound , are mechanical waves , sound waves is the human ear can feel a longitudinal wave , the frequency range of 16hz-20khz. When sound waves with frequencies below 16hz when called infrasound , higher than 20khz is called ultrasonic sound waves.
Ultrasound has the following features:
1 ) ultrasonic waves in the gas , liquid, solid , solid solution , etc. effective communication medium .
2 ) ultrasound can pass a lot of energy .
3 ) produce ultrasonic reflection , interference, superposition and resonance phenomena .
4 ) ultrasound propagation in a liquid medium , the interface can have a strong impact and cavitation .
Third, the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine What is cleaning
Cleaning the workpiece surface is cleared of liquid and solid contaminants , clean the workpiece to a certain extent , the cleaning process is a cleaning medium , contaminants , the surface interactions between these three , is a complex physical and chemical effects process. Cleaning only with the nature of the contaminant , type, morphology, and the degree of adhesion , the physicochemical properties of the cleaning medium , cleaning the workpiece material, the surface condition , but also on the cleaning conditions, such as temperature , pressure, and Ultrasonic vibration additional , mechanical force and other factors. So choose a scientific and rational cleaning process , process analysis must be carried out . Application : These models use city water , add a little water-soluble detergent composition cleaning solution , so use low cost. Widely used in hardware , electronics, watches, machinery , tools , glasses , jewelry, semiconductor silicon , polyester and polyester filter spinneret and glassware cleaning .
The above content is ultrasonic cleaning machine works. Ultrasound diagnostic ultrasound market analysis report shows that in fact, in addition to using the ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used as a noninvasive screening equipment .

Cleaning Basics:

( 1 ) the cavitation : Ultrasonic cavitation is more than 20,000 times per second, the compression force and reducing the pressure of the high-frequency transformation method interactivity be transmitted to the liquid . In less pressure , the liquid bubble nuclei produced in a vacuum phenomenon in the compression force, the vacuum bubble nuclei crushed by the pressure generated when a powerful impact , thereby stripping the surface to be cleaned of dirt, so as to achieve precision wash purposes.
Ultrasonic cleaning
  Ultrasonic cleaning
( 2 ) straight flow effects: ultrasonic sound in the liquid along the propagation direction of the flow generated phenomenon known as a straight flow . 0.5W/cm2 acoustic intensity , the naked eye can see straight flow , perpendicular to the vibration plane to create flow , flow rate of about 10cm / s. This straight flow to the surface to be cleaned is stirred micro-oil stain , dirt surface cleaning fluid convection is dissolved dirt dissolving liquid and new solutions are mixed to dissolve faster handling of dirt plays big role.
( 3 ) Acceleration: to promote the acceleration of liquid particles . For high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation on the very significant , and this time depends mainly on cleaning liquid particles under the action of ultrasound on the dirt impacting particle acceleration for ultra precision cleaning .

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