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Mechanical parts cleaning machine

Scope: air conditioning compressors, cold boxes and small mechanical parts compressor cleaning
Process: Feeding → ​​→ coarse wash rinse rinse 1 → 2 → drying → ​​→ drying rust
Equipment Overview : TS-8180 is a fully enclosed structure cleaning equipment , removable stainless steel shell , the whole tank composed of two parts : part cleaning , drying , rust , drying part , by a screw connection between them into one, easy transportation and maintenance , vertical upper and lower floor , the upper for the studio , that rough wash , rinse , spray chamber , drying room , rust room , drying room, drying room , the lower four liquid tank ( rough wash , rinse 1 , rinsed , rust ) , and two sets of fine filters, each tank has an overflow , the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning , ultrasonic cleaning advantages of industrial products . The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines greatly improve the efficiency and precision cleaning , washing the dead past , blind holes and at the filth has been difficult to reach people feel more headaches, ultrasonic cleaning machine appears to make this job a breeze .
Ultrasonic cleaning advantages:
A , can penetrate into the blind hole of the workpiece , to clean both inside and outside the effect .
Second, the cleaning effect of the workpiece uniform.
Third, with the use of cleaning agents to accelerate the separation and dissolved contaminants will not cause any damage to the surface,
Fourth, no manual cleaning, reducing people's work physical strength .
Fifth, the cleaning speed . The machine is at least twice more than the manual cleaning , automatic efficiency will be greatly improved . And do not realize the function of manpower .
Six , sewage, drawer -type filter , liquid level controller and automatic dosing device effectively prevent vapor leak out ;
Seven, drying room for the exit, top with hot air circulation device , drying room heated by electric heating , temperature controlled .
Eight , using Japanese technology , cleaning processes , fully functional ;
Nine, equipment with water separator, bag filters , advanced technology ;
Ten, cleaning liquid supplement liquid level control , quantitative supply ; robotic arm throwing and lifting cylinder , double-stranded slot to move ;
XI, intelligent memory control , arbitrarily set in advance to work twenty hours to prepare , improve work efficiency, and automation.
Companies can also design and manufacture special large automatic ultrasonic cleaning system according to user needs.
In the fierce market competition, Eastcom ultrasound has formed a scientific, standardized service system and mode of operation, to provide our clients with high quality, efficient service.used ultrasonic equipment

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