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Please refer to the installation manual ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the thermostat sensor signal line connected to the cabinet between the host machine , the ultrasonic drive lines, heater control lines and other lines , and turn 380VAC power supply , install plumbing washing machine drain pipe with overflow discharge pipe .
2 . Ultrasonic cleaning machine with water c
Adding an appropriate amount of water to wash tanks , liquid height to submerged parts to be cleaned prevail , generally no more than three-quarters of cleaning the pool .
3 . Ultrasonic cleaning machine heating
Start electric heating switch , adjust the water temperature knob on the white scale line pointing to the appropriate temperature ( should be around 60 ℃). In the washing machine during use , the maximum temperature of the cleaning agent should exceed 70 ℃.
4 . Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent added
When the water temperature rose to about 40 ℃, the UC-O3 parts cleaning agent to wash in the pool ( generally once a 5kg or so) , slowly stir the water to fully dissolve ( this time also started the more acoustic drum or open air device stir ) .
5. Ultrasonic cleaning machine pretreatment
Bamboo is appropriate parts first before cleaning the surface dirt ( eg dust cover any outer surface will be a lot of dust, the cylinder body parts like curve in its housing department will accumulates a lot of thick and easy addition of sludge ) simple cleaning look, in order to prolong the life of the cleaning solution .
Ultrasonic precision cleaning can be carried out , but its ability to handle dirt mud class is weak, so the pretreatment , Wong should try to remove dirt or mud classes .
6. Ultrasonic cleaning machine parts placed
The steel parts placed gently into the washing baskets in the pool , when a lot of time into part -time , you should try to keep them evenly distributed in baskets , and do not overlap .
7 . Ultrasonic cleaning machine boot
Ultrasonic cleaning machine is working properly , ultrasound emitted from three directions simultaneously , press the side to start ultrasound , ultrasound sides that have started, right rotary power adjustment knob , press the side of the ultrasound started. And spin to the appropriate power , then the display shows the current bottom ultrasound LEO operating power values.
8. Ultrasonic cleaning machine downtime
To shut down during the cleaning process , should be first power knob to the minimum . Then press the stop at the end ultrasound . According to the cleaning surface cleaning time to master the situation .
9. Ultrasonic cleaning machine overflow
If there are too slick on the surface cleaning pools . It should open the washing machine overflow device be excluded in order to prevent secondary pollution of the workpiece to be cleaned .
To do the following : Open the overflow drain valve , cleaning the pool to inject water or cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid until the beginning of the overflow ( recommended scraper class appliances to cut painted oil slick overflow direction to facilitate its rapid outflow ) , to keep the overflow drain valve normally closed to prevent ground contamination caused by the accidental overflow .
10. Ultrasonic cleaning machine after treatment
Remove the cleaned parts, with each hole with compressed air cleaning fluid residues thorough purge and dry the surface (recommended with a blow gun with air compressor ) . If conditions in the pond near the washing machine the best configuration . Remove the parts in order to rinse .
11. Processing ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent
When the washing machine to wash too many parts , the cleaning agent will be quite high clay content , combined with ultrasound emulsification . Cleaning agents because of dirty sticky weakened the ability of cavitation , should not continue to use. Recommends that users configure storage tank cleaning machine used in conjunction with , to precipitate dirty cleaning agent for recycled reduce costs.
12. Ultrasonic cleaning machine soaked supporting role

Many components, such as cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods , turbo , intake manifold with coke and so on those parts , there are some lighter , it is easy to clean, but some are heavy in this case , the workpiece will be necessary to obtain the softening process immersion cleaning effect . 

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