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 One . Ultrasonic transducer description:


Ultrasonic transducer is a sandwich -type structure of lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramic materials , the ultrasonic cleaning machine they use a horn -type ultrasonic transducer radiating through the expansion of the front cover , improving the efficiency of coupling sound radiation . Applying a suitable prestressing , the transducer has a good mechanical and electrical power conversion efficiency under conditions of high amplitude.
Two . Material Classification
Ultrasonic transducers are generally magnetostrictive transducer and piezoelectric crystal transducer types.
Magnetostrictive type
There are a magnetostrictive transducer nickel sheet and ferrite transducer.
  Ferrite electro-acoustic transducer conversion efficiency is relatively low, generally use one or two years later reduced efficiency and even almost lost electro-acoustic conversion capability . Nickel piece transducer complex process, expensive, so it has little use .
Piezoelectric crystal type
One of the most mature and reliable piezoelectric effect is achieved with the acoustic energy into electrical energy mutual device , called a Piezoelectric Transducer . Material by the piezoelectric effect to convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. This high acoustic transducer power conversion efficiency, cheaper raw materials prices , to facilitate the production , not easy to aging.
  Commonly used materials are quartz , barium titanate and lead zirconate titanate . Retractable small amount of quartz crystal , 3000V voltage before deformation 0.01um less. Barium titanate piezoelectric effect of quartz 20-30 times larger than the body , the better the efficiency and the mechanical strength of the quartz crystal . Lead zirconate titanate has the advantages of both , the general used as ultrasonic cleaning , ultrasonic flaw detection and processing of low-power transducers .
 Three . Composition
A central piezoelectric ceramic element 2 . Around the metal cover 3 . Prestressed screw 4 . Electrode sheet 5 . Insulated pipes
This stable sandwich transducer produces ultrasonic waves when the load changes , the most fundamental method to obtain an ultrasound drive power source
Four . Frequently Asked Questions
An Ultrasonic vibrator wet, you can check with megger transducer connected to the plug , check the insulation resistance values ​​can determine the basic situation , generally require insulation resistance greater than 5 megohms or more. If you can not reach the insulation resistance value , the transducer is generally damp , you can put the transducer as a whole ( excluding spray case ) into the drying oven set to about 100 ℃ or use a hair dryer to 3 hours until the tide resistance normal.
2 , the transducer transducer ignition , broken ceramic material may be combined and checked with the naked eye megger , generally as emergency measure , the individual can damage the transducer is disconnected , the other does not affect the normal use of the transducer .
3 , oscillator unglued, our transducers are using cementation , screw fastening double assurance process , this will not happen under normal circumstances .
4, stainless steel vibrating perforated surface , the transducer generally occur over the perforated surface of the vibration load after 10 years of use .
Five . Troubleshooting
Measures a ultrasonic transducer connected to the cleaning tank loosening the glue will cause chipping of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet , can be seen with the naked eye , the tail of the transducer rocked carefully observe the vibration surface of the glue , the emergency damage is to the individual oscillator off , does not affect the normal use of vibrator to another , in general, can only be returned to NVC ultrasonic equipment factory resolved. To avoid vibrator unglued , usually avoiding the use of vibration plane crash .
The ultrasonic transducer full load of vibration may occur after use of the perforated surface of years . Humid environment or change treatment process can be installed improperly , ultrasonic cleaning machine vibrator easy to damp , this situation can be checked with a megger transducer connected to the plug , which is 2 feet positive ultrasound transducer , 3 feet the transducer housing is connected to the negative electrode of the transducer . Check the insulation resistance value between 2 and 3 feet can determine the basic situation , generally require insulation resistance greater than 30 megohms or more, if less than 30 megohms insulation resistance is generally transducer damp , this time as long as the transducer whole into the oven , set about 100 ℃, bake 3 hours or use the hair dryer blowing to the resistance to normal.ultrasonic transducer for sale

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