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ultrasonic systems germany Scope:

Electronic components, electroplating , metal , watches , machinery, strap, tools, optical lenses , jewelry, eyeglasses, eyeglass frames , semiconductor wafers , spinning plates and glassware filter element cleaning
● Material and Structure
* All imports of thick stainless steel , acid, attractive and durable
* U.S. high-Q piezoelectric crystal transducer , strong ultrasonic power
* 30-110 ℃ adjustable automatic thermostat system
* 24 hours continuous work , adapt large quantities of raw
Plating parts ultrasonic cleaning machine , ultrasonic cleaning machine watches , ultrasonic cleaning metal parts factory shock board
◆ Features a :
  ultrasonic frequency (28khz ~ 168KHz), especially for optoelectronics , microelectronics, LCD glass , precision optoelectronic lens assembly , LSI chips and other devices to clean ; plated or coated front , crossing parts cleaning , and is widely used watches and clocks , metal machinery, jewelry and other industries glasses ......
◆ Features two :
  Device is equipped with automatic frequency tracking capabilities to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Stainless steel structure, imported SUS316 stainless steel, hard chrome plated , acid and alkali resistant , beautiful and practical. ultrasonic generator and the shock plate is divided into two parts, with the use of high-frequency lines with plug connection , easy to use, easy to maintain. You can select the bottom edge of the earthquake shock or according to customer's process requirements.
  The company is a quality first , the credibility of the management -oriented , sincere service philosophy of professional equipment manufacturers , with the social and economic power with the rapid development of science , and constantly develop high-power electrical and mechanical equipment . Eastcom into a variety of specialized high- frequency electrolytic plating electroplating power , ultrasonic cleaning machines, all kinds of non-standard washing machine, plasma cleaning machine , ultrasonic cleaning machine mold electrolysis and other products .
   Ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used: electronics, optics , glasses , pcb, precision metal, plating watches , jewelry, plastic electroplating , semiconductor and other technology industry characteristics , the business products with high-tech industries as the goal , to provide customers with convenient, sent a letter to the reliable quality and service , Ye Li for customers to create unlimited value. Over the years, Eastcom ultrasound in the production and development of electroplating equipment has accumulated a wealth of experience , it is these valuable experiences integration of modern high-tech , to enable enterprises to create excellent quality, unique products , and business-to- market and advantage of the desire of the customer awareness and good reputation, management style , and create their own company's brand . Go all out , Eastcom sincerely cheer for your career Tim force . Meet all the needs of users , and dedication to new and old customers , and look forward to your Eastcom counterparts ! Create a brilliant future ! Warmly welcome new and old customers to our company to discuss the guidance !
ultrasonic systems germany

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