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Ultrasonic technology fatigue PT role in the manufacture of aviationhydrogen ultrasonic reactor

ultrasonic reactor method

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Ultrasonic vibrator is also called ulultrasonic reactor , compared to conventional Ultrasonic vibration plate , with a wider range of applications , longer service life characteristics. Applications in industrial cleaning using ultrasonic vibration rods , extraction, chemical reactions , scale , water , etc., is a very mature technology and has wide application .


Ultrasonic vibration using an ultrasonic rod in the presence of a transfer process of alternating positive and negative pressure cycles , the positive phase , the molecules of the extrusion medium , the medium to increase the density of the original ; negative phase , the medium molecular sparse , discrete medium density reduced. 360 ° ultrasonic vibration rod may be generated uniformly around the ultrasound , and the energy output is not affected by the level , temperature and other load changes of the ultrasonic vibrating rod generally comprises an ultrasonic power transducer horn, the tool head ( emitter tips ) , for generating ultrasonic vibration , and to transmit the vibration energy of the liquid . An input transducer to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy , i.e., ultrasound. The form of the transducer back and forth in the longitudinal telescopic movement , the amplitude is generally several microns . Such power density is insufficient amplitude is not used directly . Horn amplitude according to the design needs amplification , isolation reaction solution and the transducer , but also play a role in fixing the entire ultrasonic vibration system. The tool head is connected to the horn , the horn of the ultrasonic vibration energy is transmitted to the tool head , the tool head will then transmit the ultrasonic energy to the chemical reaction liquid .
ultrasonic reactor Feature
An Ultrasonic cavitation generated around the rods , a very uniform distribution of ultrasonic energy around the rod ;
2, the ultrasonic vibrator is not affected by the level of power output , tank capacity, and changes in temperature and other loads , uniform and stable power output ;
3, the ultrasonic vibrator is more than the traditional life of the ultrasonic vibration plate 1.5 times ;
4, the ultrasonic vibrator vibrator tube design allows easy installation ;
5, the ultrasonic vibrator sealed waterproof , safe to use .ultrasonic reactor method

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