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Ultrasonic impact in the field of coalOf ultrasound in the field of geotechnical

ultrasonic impact of steel bridge anti-fatigue effect

Some studies have shown that about 0.5mm from the surface in the welding limb parts at presence of slag and other defects, the defects are prone to fatigue cracks, stress concentration, the combined effects of the welding the limb slag defects, welding residual stress of welded joints the fatigue strength is in serious decline. In order to reduce the impact of fatigue on steel bridges, many experts control the fatigue life of weld ultrasonic impact treatment. Ultrasonic impact treatment is a new approach developed in the former Soviet Union, when used in the shipbuilding and submarines manufacturing, the technology has been used widely on the steel bridge. Adjust the residual stress, improve the organization, to improve the fatigue strength have very good results.

The ultrasonic impact of the basic principles of ultrasonic impact is the use of ultrasound to promote the impact head hit the joint weld toe parts, thus producing compression plastic deformation, thereby reducing more than a result of high stress concentration; eliminating the weld toe surface defects, adjust the welding residual stress and make welding toe parts of the weld material is hardened. Ultrasonic shock technology is primarily to enable the tensile residual stress in the weld zone of the metal surface layer becomes a compressive stress or tensile residual stress greatly reduced, and thereby can greatly improve the use of the fatigue life of the structure. Metal grain in the surface layer becomes thin, so that the corresponding increase in the strength and hardness properties of the surface layer, also.

The use of ultrasonic impact treatment process, can maximize joint stress limit values ​​(65% to 75%). Ultrasonic impact treatment process parameters are different, the treatment effect, when the the ultrasonic peening connector groove at the weld toe, the Department generally choose the fatigue strength of the higher parts of the ultrasonic shock of ultrasound for the elimination of shallow tensile stress has a good effect, ultrasonic shock effect and to a certain extent so that the stress distribution is more uniform, shallow microcracks at the weld toe, can effectively eliminate inclusions and other weld defects.

Ultrasonic impact on the the lug seal plate parts of the other bridges on the basis of the use of ultrasound shock increase greatly reduce the pressure on the operational state of maintenance, improve the anti-fatigue effect of the steel bridge. Best rationale effect. The use of this technology not only allows the material to be strengthened, the compressive stress can also be prefabricated to form a white layer having a good resistance to corrosion - fatigue performance.

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