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ultrasonic cleaning processUltrasonic cavitation generator 25khz-40khz

ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz

ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz,ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz,ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz,ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz,ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz,ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz.

ultrasound is acoustic frequencies above 20,000 hertz , which direction is good , strong penetrating power, easy to get a higher concentration of acoustic energy in the propagation distance water can be used for distance , speed , cleaning , welding, gravel , sterilization and so on. In medicine, military, industrial, agriculture has many applications . Ultrasonic its upper frequency limit is approximately equal to hearing people named.

Scientists frequency vibrations per second is called the frequency of the sound , it is in Hertz (Hz). We human ear can hear the sound frequency of 20Hz ~ 20000Hz. When a sound wave vibration frequency is less than 20Hz or greater than 20KHz, we will not hear . Therefore, we acoustic frequency above 20,000 Hz is called " ultrasonic ." Ultrasonic frequency is typically used for a medical diagnosis MHz to 5 MHz .
Theoretical studies show that, under the same conditions as the amplitude of the energy of an object is proportional to the vibration frequency and vibration , ultrasonic wave propagation in the medium , the high frequency dielectric particle vibration , and therefore great energy . Dry winter in northern China , if the ultrasonic waves pass into the tank , and severe vibration in the water tank will be broken into many small droplets , the droplets and then a small fan blowing through the room , you can increase the indoor air humidity , which is the principle of ultrasonic humidifiers . Such as laryngitis , bronchitis and other diseases , it is difficult to make use of the drug reaches the bloodstream diseased parts , the use of humidifiers principle , the liquid atomization, the patient inhaled, can improve the outcome. Using ultrasonic energy giant stones in the body can also make people do violent forced vibration and broken, thus slowing the illness, to achieve the purpose of healing . Ultrasound is widely used in medicine , as it is now the ultrasound , B- , gravel ( such as gallstones , kidney stones, remove bags under the eyes and the like ) , but also to destroy the bacteria structure, items for disinfection .
Ultrasonic cleaning principle
Application of the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is a high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, via a high-frequency transducer converts mechanical vibration transmitted to the media , the cleaning solvent ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and white forward radiation, so that the liquid current generating thousands of tiny air bubbles present in the liquid in fine bubbles ( cavitation nuclei ) under the effect of vibrations of the sound field , the sound when the pressure reaches a certain value , the rapid growth of the bubble , and then suddenly closed, closed bubbles generating a shock wave is generated in the atmospheric pressure around thousands , leaving their destruction insoluble contaminants dispersed in the cleaning liquid when the oil bodies adhered particles are wrapped in the cleaning surface , the oil is emulsified , i.e., from the solid particles , so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface purification .
Medical ultrasound sonar works have certain similarities to the human body coming ultrasonic transmitter , when it is reflected and refracted in the body across the interface , and may be absorbed in human tissue attenuation . Because the shape and structure of various human tissues is not the same , so the degree of absorption and reflection and refraction of the ultrasonic wave is different, a doctor who is in the instrument by the wave reflected in the curve , or to identify the characteristics of the image them. Moreover combined knowledge of anatomy , normal and pathological changes , and can diagnose diseased organs examined .
Currently, there are different forms of ultrasound diagnosis doctors applications can be divided into A -, B- , M -type and D -type four categories .
Type A: based on organizational characteristics waveform display method for measuring organ diameter line to determine its size. Diseased tissue can be used to identify some of the physical properties, such as substantial , the existence of such a gas or a liquid .
Type B: in the form of plane figures to show the specific circumstances of the organization to be probed . Checking , the first reflected signal into the body of the interface strength of the different points of light , the light spot can be brought out by the screen , the visual method , good repeatability , available before and after , it is widely used in Obstetrics diagnose diseases department, urinary, digestive and cardiovascular .
M type : a method for time-dependent interface observation activities . Activities best suited for inspection of the heart , which dynamically change the curve called echocardiography, the heart of the layers can be used to observe the location of the structure , activity status , condition and other structures used for the diagnosis of secondary diseases of the heart and great vessels .
Type D: is dedicated to an ultrasonic diagnostic methods and organ blood flow activity detection , also known as Doppler ultrasound diagnostics . To determine whether the blood vessel patency , whether luminal stenosis, occlusion , and lesions . Generation of D -type ultrasonic blood flow within the lumen can be quantitatively determined. In recent years, scientists have developed a color-coded Doppler system can indicate anatomical landmarks echocardiography , the direction of blood flow in different colors , the color depth of a representative velocity of blood flow. Now there are three-dimensional ultrasound imaging , ultrasound CT, ultrasound endoscope ultrasound technology continues to emerge , and also can be combined with other inspection equipment , so that the diagnostic accuracy rate of the disease is greatly improved. Ultrasonic technology is the medical profession plays a huge role , as science advances , it will be more perfect, would better benefit of mankind.
Industrial automation and control
The use of sound reflection , diffraction, Doppler effect , manufacturing ultrasonic level meter , ultrasonic level meter , Ultrasonic flowmeter.
Ultrasonic [ 1 ] generation, transmission, reception , and a variety of ultrasonic acoustic effects and applications branch called ultrasonics . Means for generating ultrasonic mechanical ultrasonic generator ( such as air whistle , whistle whistle and liquid , etc.) , the use of the principle of electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic effects made ​​electric ultrasonic generator, and electricity using a piezoelectric crystal electrostrictive effect and ferromagnetic Electro-acoustic effects of substances made ​​of magnetostrictive transducers , etc. .
When ultrasound effect when the ultrasonic wave propagation in the medium , due to the interaction of ultrasound with the media , the media occurring physical and chemical changes , resulting in a series of mechanical , thermal , and electromagnetics , and chemical effects of ultrasound , including the following four kinds of effects:
① mechanical effects . May contribute to the mechanical action of the ultrasonic emulsification of the liquid, gel and solid dispersion of liquefaction . When the fluid medium to form an ultrasonic standing wave in a fluid suspension of minute particles due to the effect of mechanical cohesion force at the node , periodically stacked in a space formed . When the ultrasonic wave propagation in the piezoelectric material and a magnetostrictive material , and the induced magnetization induced polarization due to the mechanical action of the ultrasonic waves caused ( see Acta dielectric and magnetostriction ) .
② cavitation . When ultrasonic waves to the liquid to produce a large number of small bubbles . One reason is that the tensile stress occurs in the liquid to form a partial vacuum to reduce the pressure of a gas dissolved in a liquid so that the original supersaturated fluid from escaping into small bubbles. Another reason is that a strong tensile stress of the liquid is "torn " into a cavity , known as cavitation . Another gas to the cavity in a liquid vapor or liquid , and may even be vacuo. Due to the formation of cavitation bubbles with little vibration and constant movement of the surrounding medium , grown or sudden burst. When the bubble burst into the surrounding liquid to produce a sudden high temperature , high pressure , while producing shock . Friction and cavitation can be formed accompanying the charge and discharge is generated in the bubble internal luminescence . Most sonicated technology in liquid cavitation effects.
③ thermal effects. Since the high frequency ultrasonic , energy, can produce a significant effect when the heat absorbing medium .
④ chemical effects . Of ultrasonics can cause or accelerate certain chemical reactions occur . Such as pure distilled water , after sonication of generating hydrogen peroxide ; nitrogen dissolved in water to produce nitrite after sonication ; aqueous dye fade or change color after the ultrasound treatment . Total and cavitation occurrence of these phenomena accompanying . Ultrasonic many chemicals can also accelerate hydrolysis , decomposition and polymerization process. Ultrasound also has a significant effect on the photochemical and electrochemical processes. The various amino acids and other organic substances in water , sonicated , and the disappearance of the characteristic absorption bands of absorption were generally uniform , indicating that the structure of the molecule cavitation changed .ultrasonic frequency 20khz/25khz/28khz/33khz/40khz

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