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ultrasonic equipment testing Product Features :

Single ultrasonic power : 2400W
Heating power : 4000W
Tank size : 650mm * 500mm * 400mm
Equipment size : 1250mm * 700mm * 800mm
Transducer number \ ultrasonic frequency : 40 * 28/40 (KHZ)
Temperature control : room temperature -100 ℃
Power Control : AC220 50HZ
1 tank of imported stainless steel , acid and alkali , elegant appearance .
2 imported high -quality and unique transducer ultrasonic generator , ultrasonic output powerful .
3 imported ultrasonic generator ultrasonic excitation is more robust , more stable ultrasonic cleaning machine
4 whole greatly enhance the cleaning effect .
5 equipped with automatic temperature control heating device , temperature range : room temperature -100 ℃.
6 cylinder ultrasonic generator and sub-structure , using high-frequency routes connecting blocks .
7 Use safe water-based cleaning agent , inexpensive , non-toxic , environmentally friendly, cost.
Products are widely used : field plating , ion plating, electronic, mechanical metal parts, automotive, aerospace , defense weapons , clocks , glass, chemical , medical equipment , LCD , optical, jewelry , bearings and other industries.
Selection of reading
Availability status: 1 shelf : We all standard single-slot machines, are available from stock .
                  2 , custom processing : Other models are available , please contact our confirmation.
Product Selection Description:
              Single Machine : 10 kinds of models of different sizes , depending on the amount of the wash -off capacity of the selected product
                          Two series : According to the complexity of the product shape , you can choose the conventional type ( underside sound source ) , or enhanced ( three sides of the sound source ) models .
              Filtration system : according to your requirements in terms of energy-saving environmental protection , filtration system can be installed on any washing machine . Reuse of cleaning liquid .
              Multi-slot machine : If your product cleaning process more, you can select multiple slot washing machine .
              Automatic manipulator multi-slot machine : If your product cleaning process more, and there is a need for labor saving aspect , you can choose this type
              Automatic machine manipulator closed more than slot machines : prevent liquid evaporation, sealing, cleaning processes , labor and other aspects of the requirements , you can choose
              Through a high-pressure spray machine : If you want a big batch cleaning products , can be selected by high-pressure spray machine
              By ultrasonic cleaning machine : If you want large quantities of cleaning products , but also for cleaning the surface of a higher accuracy requirements, you can choose the machine
Technology: We can provide cleaning process solutions . Ultrasonic cleaning agent support.ultrasonic equipment testing

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