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Ultrasonic cleaning , waves can be divided into three types , namely, infrasonic , sonic , ultrasonic . Infrasound frequency of 20Hz or less ; sonic frequency of 20Hz ~ 20kHz; ultrasonic frequencies above 20kHz compared . One of the sub- sonic and ultrasonic general human ear can not hear . Due to the high frequency ultrasonic wave length , and thus spread the good direction, strong penetrating power, which is the reason why the production of ultrasonic cleaning machine design .

2 , how to complete ultrasonic cleaning ?
Ultrasonic cleaning is social effects of the use of ultrasound in the liquid , and the linear acceleration effect of the inflow liquid and dirt effects of direct and indirect effects of ultrasonic cleaning , so that dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified , to achieve the purpose of cleaning and peeling . Currently used ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation and flow straight into the action was applied much more.
( A ) Cavitation : High frequency ultrasonic wave is converted to cavitation than twenty times per second and less compression force interactive pressure to the liquid transmissive manner . When reduced pressure to produce liquid bubble nuclei vacuum phenomenon , ultrasonic cleaning in the compression force, produced by vacuum bubble nuclei powerful impact crushing pressure , thereby stripping the surface to be cleaned of dirt, thus achieve precision cleaning purposes.
( 2 ) a straight flow effect : generating an ultrasonic flow along the propagation direction of the acoustic phenomena in the liquid flow straight is called . 0.5W/cm2 acoustic intensity , the naked eye can see a straight flow , the flow in the plane of vibration perpendicular to produce a flow rate of about 10cm / s. By this straight stream to be cleaned so that the surface of the micro-oil dirt is stirred dirt surface cleaning fluid convection also dissolve dirt dissolving liquid mixed with the new solution , dissolve faster, plays for dirt removal big role.
( 3 ) Acceleration : Liquid Particle acceleration produced to promote . At higher frequencies of ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning machines, cavitation on the very significant , and this time depends mainly on cleaning liquid particle acceleration under the impact of ultrasound on the dirt particles ultra precision cleaning .
3, what is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine ?
The ultrasonic transducer converts electrical signals into high-frequency oscillation frequency mechanical oscillations of radiation in the form of a longitudinal wave in the cleaning solution . During the expansion of the half-wave radiation , the density of the cleaning liquid and the formation of numerous ultrasonic cleaning destroy the bubble diameter of 50-500μm . This bubble is filled with a solution of steam . During the half-wave compression , bubbles rapidly and closed hundreds of Mpa local produce hydraulic shock. This phenomenon is called "cavitation " effect. In the " cavitation" effect of continuous action , the workpiece surface dirt or shelter is bursting , spalling. Meanwhile , in the role of ultrasound , strengthening the role of cleaning fluid penetration ultrasonic cleaning ; pulsating stir intensified ; dissolved, dispersed and emulsified acceleration ; thus thoroughly wash and clean the workpiece .
4 , ultrasonic cleaning machine which is composed of several parts ?
Super wave washing machine consists of ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator two parts. Ultrasonic cleaning tank with a strong good elasticity , corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel , bottom-mounted ultrasonic transducer transducer ; ultrasonic high frequency high voltage generator , via a cable connection wire transfer to the transducer , the transducer together with the vibrating plate produce high-frequency resonance , so that the solvent cleaning tank ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic waves by the effects of dirt is cleaned .
5 What are the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine ?
Ultrasonic cleaning with various chemical, physical , electrical, and ultrasonic cleaning of physical cleaning methods , the following unique advantages:
• be able to quickly and thoroughly to remove all the dirt on the surface of the workpiece .
• can clean with cavities , grooves and other precision parts of complex shape .
• on the surface undamaged.
• adopt various cleaning agents .
• at room temperature or heated properly ( about 60 ℃) can be cleaned .
• the whole integrated structure easy to move.
• Save solvents, cleaning paper , energy, and labor and other workplace .
6 , how to use ultrasonic cleaning machine ?
Use ultrasonic cleaning machine shall be strictly in accordance with the following requirements segment operating procedure .
( 1 ) good cleaning cable connection between the tank and the generator ;
( 2 ) the cleaning liquid into the cleaning tank ( the amount of the cleaning liquid is poured into the object to be cleaned , the meniscus position is preferably about three-quarters of the whole ) ;
( 3 ) to be cleaned in a cleaning tank ;
( 4 ) Plug in the power cord ;
( 5 ) the establishment of cleaning time , to boot.ultrasonic cleaning process

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