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 ultrasonic cleaning machine efficiency:

   Since the advent of Ultrasonic cleaning technology , its superior cleaning performance won the majority of industry users of all ages , especially significantly improved cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect is people see Qinxin . In the past, dirty environment by heavy physical labor , takes a long time for manual cleaning of complex mechanical parts , after the application of ultrasonic cleaning machines, not only to improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, but also cleaning time is reduced to the original quarter . Than now all cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning efficiency is highest .
Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect :
   On cleaning methods , the cleaning method used in industrial cleaning is generally manual cleaning , organic solvent cleaning , steam vapor cleaning, high pressure water water jet cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning  machine, cleaning methods can be divided into distinct regions, ultrasonic cleaning cleaning effect is based on international recognized as the current maximum cleaning efficiency , the best way of cleaning , the cleaning efficiency reached 98% or more , cleaning cleanliness Jie also reached the highest level, and the traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning cleaning cleaning efficiency of only 60 % -70 % , and even a high pressure water jet cleaning gas cleaning efficiency is less than 90% cleaning . Thus , in the industrial cleaning , ultrasonic its high efficiency, good efficiency, suitable for cleaning large workload characteristics is undoubtedly the best choice for cleaning , which is why all the high cleanliness requirements of the industry, such as: aviation instruments, vacuum coatings, optical equipment, medical equipment and other industries have chosen Ultrasonic cleaner reasons.ultrasonic cleaning efficiency

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