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 Currently, the market sold ultrasonic cleaning machine offer different cleaning effect is not the same, this is mainly due to the production process and the principle of the machine , such as caused . The following simple points

Analysis of Factors Affecting about ultrasonic cleaning machine effect .
1, the flow rate of the ultrasonic cleaning solution has a great influence on the effect of Ultrasonic cleaner .
Preferably the liquid in the cleaning process still does not flow . Bubble growth and time to fully complete the closing movement , if the flow rate of the washing liquid is too fast, some cavitation nuclei would be taken some of the liquid flowing in the cavitation nuclei no time left to achieve the growth process of the closing movement of the entire sound field , thus making the total reduced cavitation intensity . Sometimes the actual ultrasonic cleaning process to prevent re- adhesion of dirt on the cleaning member . Continuous flow of cleaning solution needed to update , then the flow of cleaning liquid should be noted that the speed is not too fast, so the cleaning effect is reduced .
2 , the acoustic characteristics and arrangement of parts to be cleaned in a cleaning bath has a greater influence on the cleaning effect .
Absorbing large cleaning member such as rubber, fabric, etc. poor cleaning effect , and the reflection intensity of the acoustic cleaning member , such as a metal member , a good cleaning effect of the glass article. Cleaning area small pieces side towards the sound source emissions should be arranged to have a certain pitch . Cleaning items can not be placed directly on the bottom of the ultrasonic wash tank . Particularly heavy cleaning parts . Avoid the effects of vibration -slot backplane , and also to avoid abrasions cleaning items accelerated corrosion Ultrasonic cavitation plate . The best part is hanging in the wash tank , or with a metal Luo Sheng good hanging basket , but must pay attention to use a wire made ​​of . Salty spaces as much as possible to make large baskets with filaments to reduce sound absorption and shielding .
3 , the content of the ultrasonic cleaning solution for ultrasonic cleaning effect of the gas is also affected. In the cleaning solution if there is residual gas ( non- cavitation nuclei ) will increase the sound transmission loss , in addition to the proliferation of cavitation bubbles in the course of the campaign into the gas bubble , when the collapse of cavitation bubbles will reduce the shock strength weakened cleaning action . Therefore, some ultrasound cleaning apparatus having a deaeration function performed when the first power value below the cavitation threshold power level for the Ultrasonic vibration, the vibration mode or intermittent pulse degassing and cleaning power applied to the power level of the normal ultrasonic washing ; Some ultrasonic cleaning apparatus with a suction device , which is also the purpose of reducing residual gas in the cleaning solution .
4, the standing ultrasonic wave effects . The cleaning bath is limited space to the ultrasonic level by the sound source propagates . At the interface of liquid and gas form a standing wave will be reflected back to the VSWR characteristic of the acoustic pressure minimum in the liquid space in some places , and in others of sound pressure so that the phenomenon may result in uneven cleaning . To reduce the effects of standing waves , the cleaning bath may be made deliberately to avoid formation of an irregular shape of the standing wave . Sometimes workers take sweep ultrasonic power in terms of the way so that the sound pressure at the minimum is not fixed in one place but continue to move in order to achieve more uniform cleaning.ultrasonic cleaning effect

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