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Generation of ultrasonic humidification equipmentMutli Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner 25khz/28khz/40khz/80khz/120khz

ultrasonic cleaner tank 25khz/28khz/40khz/80khz/100khz

Ultrasonic cleaner tank 25khz/28khz/40khz/80khz/100khz

The application of ultrasound in the electronics industry



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Electronics industry is the first application of ultrasonic cleaning, the most popular in the industry.

Electronic parts cleaning. Electronic parts such as semiconductor shell seat, IC seat shell, crystal shell seat, relays shell seat, seat tube and so on.

Substrate cleaning electronic components. Electronic components substrate is made of a semiconductor material and encapsulated in a metal or plastic housing seat formed in the package before, not only on the shell seat must be cleaned, and the substrate must be cleaned, such as IC chips, resistors, Crystal, semiconductors, the original film circuit.

pcb board cleaning. China's electronics industry, the vast majority of businesses are using PCB, PCB assembly welding using flux into water-soluble, rosin and no clean three categories, using more of the first two, the use of ultrasonic cleaning (also many of them are using alcohol scrub), no clean in principle should not be cleaned, but it is currently the world's most manufacturers even with no-clean flux welding components still need to be cleaned. Especially in high-density and high-density PCB IC pin out without cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning, will lead to high density line between the foot and the IC between adsorption dust, once environmental humidity, high density line between prone and feet short circuit and malfunction, and once dry environment, short circuit fault and disappear on their own, and such failure is not easy to find. Therefore, the electronic machine factory in the world adhere to the PCB for ultrasonic cleaning. In China, the military has begun to promote electronic machine factory and received as this not only improves reliability and reduces service costs double benefit.

Connectors, fittings, adapters and other devices production, electroplating and assembly must be cleaned prior to, or adsorbed on the part of these assembled dust, oil will affect the electrical conductivity and dielectric properties, especially some of the complex multi-core connector in particular.

Electronic materials cleaning after molding. Such as chips, wafers, piezoelectric ceramic materials are supplied components and other electronic product manufacturers, their products must be cleaned before leaving the factory, especially for the export business of the manufacturers, their products become a major problem cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective pathway.

Ultrasonic cleaning in the electromechanical industry applications

Mechanical and electrical industries, from mechanical parts to mechanical parts, electrical components from electrical components to have a cleaning requirements, such as gears, crankshafts and even the gear box, and if the electrical components on a combination of mechanical and electrical parts, precision machinery parts and some electrical parts, these are inseparable from the cleaning, the majority of enterprises to adopt the traditional cleaning methods, such as infiltration cleaning, spray cleaning. This cleaning method is not only labor intensive, but also easy to cause environmental pollution and water waste. At present, many companies began to carry out technological transformation, the use of ultrasonic cleaning to eliminate the drawbacks of conventional cleaning, especially some of the mechanical parts of complex shape, is the traditional washing of the powerless.

Ultrasonic cleaning in the textile industry in the application

Light industry, such as air conditioning, refrigerator, refrigerator compressor; watch parts, watch components, etc.; textile industry, such as precision textile equipment, spinning nozzle, etc.; jewelry industry, such as gold and silver jewelry, jade jewelry, etc., need to be cleaned Some parts, components and assemblies, such as compressors, etc., or spinneret complex shape, or blind holes, pores, only by the ultrasonic cleaning, and some even use the ultrasonic scale production plant chain or lift equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning applications in the surface treatment industry

Surface treatment is a part of the light industry, mechanical parts including plating, coating of metal and non-metallic enclosure cabinets, optical glass or lens coating, etc., before and after plating or coating pre-cleaning using Ultrasonic cleaning technology has become a new paradigm process, especially in military electronics some multi-pin socket, because of the quality required to be plated, the plating between their quality requirements must be insulated multi-core, often due to plating resulted in a not insulated multi-core, acetone, alcohol, etc. invasive method to test its resistance after cleaning requirements infinity, but not reach the quality requirements, and the use of ultrasonic cleaning, after drying, is completely meet quality requirements. Directly into the ultrasonic bath can also improve plating uniformity and coating density.

Ultrasonic cleaning in the railway depot repair areas of application

Of the Ministry of Railways, "three machine maintenance procedures" as well as some segments of railway systems repair technical regulations are related to cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning applications in the railway system is more common, but is used to train air conditioning units, diesel engine blocks, radiators and other large equipment, locomotives dismantled cleaning is not a new topic. Our bus depot maintenance, the use of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is not dismantled train air conditioning cleaning is indeed first of its kind. Reduce its labor intensity, improve the quality of cleaning, environmental protection cost reduction, civilized production, on-site management level, are creating a new situation, but the current low penetration levels.

Ultrasonic cleaning applications in the field of military equipment

Military equipment is nothing more than optical, mechanical, electrical or optical class equipment, mechanical, electrical integration equipment, military equipment in state reserves, stored in a military warehouse, the equipment in reserve, training, exercises state are inevitable dust, dirt adsorption , pollution, especially in some complex weapons and equipment by manual cleaning and maintenance, difficult, and once the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology weapons and equipment maintenance, the problem is solved.ultrasonic cleaner tank 25khz/28khz/40khz/80khz/100khz

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