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ultrasonic c-scan system

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 Typical products are: environmental ultrasonic cleaning machine, large touch screen ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, industrial chillers , large-scale environmental central air conditioning, industrial water , RO reverse osmosis equipment, EDI ultrapure water system , mesh belt dryer lines , injection powder processing line , a large industrial networks plating production lines. Widely used in optics, liquid crystal , metal , machinery, electronics, semiconductor , motorcycle , automobile , chemical , watches, electroplating and other industries.

Ultrasonic cleaning principle:
    Cavitation effect : generating a vacuum to clean the surface of the bubble bursting . Produce a continuous positive pressure cleaning fluid transfer process within the ultrasonic cleaning machines , vacuum alternates . After a positive pressure fluid is compressed , while negative dramatic expansion . Close to the expansion process produces a large number of vacuum bubbles in the liquid , a phenomenon known as cavitation . In the next compression process, the air bubbles burst and disappear , cavitation energy generated by cleaning the surface adhering to the release of pollutants .
     Liquid molecules speed vibration. Ultrasonic vibration energy transmitted through the liquid , resulting in high acceleration of liquid molecules . Vibrational energy is transmitted to the pollutant adhered to the workpiece , to achieve the purpose of removing .
     Ultrasonic cleaning workpiece can cover all areas . ultrasound can bypass obstacles and reach each small concave holes , so the complex shape of the workpiece is also very good cleaning effect. Therefore, precision gears and other mechanical components intractable , complex electrical components , etc. can play a very good cleaning results without damaging the workpiece.
Ultrasound system unique advantages :
Transducer: Japan "NTK" vibration head to provide a strong guarantee for the ultrasonic power output ;
High performance : Germany hakou species species nails nail to ensure that the transducer can be uniformly flat plate in contact with the 304L , effectively ensuring electro-acoustic conversion efficiency. Compared with ordinary kinds of nails greatly improve its stability ; combined eighth German ultrasonic control technology to ensure the electro-acoustic conversion rates up to 95% ;
Large amplitude : high velocity transducer , directly fixed on the bottom of the vibration plate by bolts , the strength greatly improved ; compared with other oscillator amplitude increased by more than 50% ;
Output great : large relative to the power per unit area of piezoelectric , and adaptable to changes in the load ;
Heat resistance: use of a wide temperature range, low resonance impedance , low heat ;
Strong structure : West mixed with glue Switzerland , stainless steel bolts , easy installation, high reliability.
      Eighth German control technology using ultrasound ; controlled using the latest , high-power modules, powerful output power ; greatly reduce the use of energy , the ultrasonic vibration is always in top working condition , the optimal output power status . Soft start , generator substantial increase in safety performance and service life than traditional forms of control, the effective protection of the normal operation of the transducer ; perfect heat, over-current protection .
    Microcomputer control and digital frequency synthesis , frequency automatic tracking adjustment ; digital ultrasonic power , continuously adjustable , more flexible and convenient ; design timing system , working time digital display , adjustable ; has a sweep function , sweep speed and sweep bandwidth of the digital adjustment , the effective protection of steel ; setting PLC remote control interface for easy connection with other control devices ; constant power output stabilization technology , independent of voltage and load impact protection devices ; convenient and user-friendly full-touch button control , debug operations . More efficient, more environmentally friendly, useful work output rate of 98 %.
    And the ultrasonic generator is divided into two parts , the use of high-frequency cable connections, ease of use and maintenance ; All imports of thick stainless steel , acid, beautiful and durable ; automatically resentment system 30-110 ℃ temperature adjustable ; 24 hours continuous work , adapt to mass production .
 Design and manufacture according to customer requirements .
    Apply to electronic components, electroplating , metal , watches , machinery, strap, tools, optical lenses , jewelry, eyeglasses, eyeglass frames , semiconductor wafers , spinning plates and glassware and other industrial filter element cleaning .
Machinery industry: oil rust removal ; measuring cleaning ; degreasing rust mechanical parts ; engine , carburetor and parts cleaning ; filters, filter dredge cleaning.
Surface treatment industry : degreasing rust before plating ; former ion plating cleaning ; phosphate treatment ; remove coke ; remove oxide ; remove polishing paste ; metal surface activation treatment.
Instrumentation industry : high- precision parts assembly cleanliness before cleaning.
Electronics industry: In addition to the printed circuit board rosin , spot welding ; cleaning and other high-voltage electronic components and other mechanical contacts .
Medical industry : cleaning, disinfection , sterilization, cleaning utensils and other experimental medical devices .
Semiconductor industry : high cleanliness of the semiconductor wafer cleaning.
Watches & Jewelry Trade : Clear sludge, dust, oxide layer , polishing paste .
Chemical, biological industry : labware cleaning , descaling .
Optical Industry : degreasing optics , in addition to sweat, cleaning and so on.
Textile industry : cleaning textile spindles , spinning plates , etc.ultrasonic c-scan system

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