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ultrasonic c-scan equipment

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ultrasonic c-scan equipment Scope:

Bearing industry : all kinds of bearings , inner ring, outer ring , cage , dust cover, balls and other precision cleaning .
Machinery Industry : Machinery Manufacturing: diesel engine parts, gears, sprockets, oil pump and nozzle , metal castings , fittings , petrochemical equipment, pneumatic fittings, air-conditioning compressor , sewing machine parts , railway locomotive parts , molds, metallurgy and so on.
Car Motorcycle Motorcycle : auto parts , motorcycle parts , ships , locomotives , engines, internal combustion engines, and other precision parts cleaning .
The equipment Ultrasonic vibration theory , produce cavitation in the liquid , so that the dirt on the product is immersed in the ultrasonic cleaning quick release area , combined with multi rinsed clean achieve the purpose . Equipment controlled by PLC automatic feeding robot arm to complete the cleaning power of each bit until the material , once completed sets of cleaning operations , high degree of automation . User-friendly design , appearance, compact structure, function together , strong and durable. Ultrasonic integrated circuit , Mitsubishi module, automatic sweep , power adjustable. German original shock promoter, high conversion efficiency, strong output stability. With a level safety control devices to ensure normal operation of the device. With a liquid circulation three filtration system to ensure the cleaning fluid cleanliness. Automatic heating system thermostat , temperature 20 ~ 90 ℃ adjustable. The unique overflow design to ensure adequate water , and the water overflow loot . Use water as a cleaning agent additives little radical , low cost , cleaning effect is obvious. Fast, efficient, consistent, cleanliness , cleaning time can be adjusted. Provide open or fully enclosed automated cleaning equipment , and provide anti-rust agent technology and complete sets of cleaning process.
* The system to a variety of mechanical precision parts precision cleaning equipment , PLC computer program control , the robot operating up and down, left and right transport operation , automation and more complex heavy tank cleaning operations , save labor, reduce labor intensity. * High precision cleaning , a large area of ​​layered filtration , filtration precision up to 0.5U. * Cleaning products do not exist to scratch , bump injury, finished high pass rate . * The use of linear bearings and cone brake motors , smooth operation , precise pointing . * Ultrasonic part adopts integrated circuit , Mitsubishi module, automatic sweep , power adjustable , with automatic protection, over-current automatic overheat protection , load or short circuit is not damaged generator. * PLC with Japan's Mitsubishi , programmed instruction to move up and down , depending on the beat may be amended regulation. * According to user requirements to fulfill a closed cleaning systems, such as high cleanliness in the workshop , you do not add all closed . * Automatic feeding , auto-complete multi- step tank cleaning operations , automatic feed . * Specifications and equipment cleaning tank size according to the user's actual needs power design . * Package of equipment from the factory since the quality of three bags a year , lifetime maintenance. * Quality first , fast service, integrity first !ultrasonic c-scan equipment

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