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One . Introduction of Ultrasonic vibrator

   Ultrasonic vibrator is the introduction of German technology , designed by the well-known experts and under the guidance of new ultrasonic transducer manufacturing equipment . Ultrasonic vibrator tube design , small size , big power, easy installation, wide adaptation, the ultrasonic transducer development direction in the future.


Second, the characteristics of the ultrasonic vibrator
1 , cavitation is generated around the shock rod , a very uniform distribution of ultrasonic energy in the tank , so as to achieve the best cleaning effect ;
2 , the power output is not affected by the level of ultrasound wand , tank capacity, and changes in temperature and other loads , uniform and stable power output ;
3, due to the structural characteristics of the ultrasonic wand , the application of ultrasonic shock board Tradition wider , most suitable for cleaning with a vacuum / pressure , are also suitable for various chemical process ;
4 , compared with conventional ultrasonic shock board has 1.5 times more than life;
5, the tube design flexible, easy to install ;
6 is basically guaranteed to be completely waterproof seal
Third, the scope of application of the ultrasonic vibrator
Ultrasonic vibrator is mainly applied to medicine extraction, thick-walled metal pipe wall cleaning , vacuum / pressure situations ultrasonic cleaning , ultrasonic processing pipeline in various fields and pipeline sound chemical processing.
Also applies to all sectors of the workpiece cleaning, such as precision electronic parts, watch parts, optical glass parts, hardware machinery parts , jewelry, semiconductor silicon, polyester over parts cleaning and plating after filter / spinnerets , medical equipment , etc. cleaning.ultrasonic biodiesel processor

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