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When the trough of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is not suitable for a particular job needs, into Ultrasonic vibration plate ( shock plate ) suitable for the construction of their own in addition to the cleaning tank or an existing installation of ultrasonic cleaning tank cleaning function , but also for existing ultrasonic cleaning equipment ultrasonic vibration plate repair replaced for the large-scale ultrasonic cleaning systems equipped with ultrasonic vibration plate , but also for ultrasonic extraction equipment and ultrasonic sewage treatment equipment fitted with ultrasound.


An ultrasonic vibration plate ( shock plate ) which can be flexibly installed in different parts of the cleaning tank (top , sides, bottom ) to achieve different cleaning effects. Ultrasonic vibration plate is generally mainly according to user needs and tailor the actual working conditions .
Ultrasonic vibration plate ( shock plate ) Features Benefits:
a.SUS304/SUS316L / titanium strong corrosion resistant stainless steel plate welded waterproof sealed .
b. ultrasound radiating with thick stainless steel plate , extending the life of cavitation erosion .
c. 's unique bonding technology , imported from Switzerland Araldite the transducer life doubled .
d. high Q value PZT transducer devices, stable, strong ultrasonic power increased by 35 % compared to similar products.
e. coaxial high-frequency ultrasonic signal quality screen closed line seat, signal loss, strong anti- aggravation of capacity.
f. advanced ultrasound technology to improve the distribution of energy in the media , in addition to cleaning blind cleaning , cleaning effect.
g. according to the user needs to improve and optimize the process. process for the user needs to provide free test and trial .
h. according to user needs to achieve common switch control , PLC weak control , close control , remote control.
i. special custom-made according to customer requirements specifications, different size , power, frequency of non-standard equipment .
j. global original stable full-bridge advanced digital ultrasonic generator.
k. specially designed to split the ultrasonic generator , adapted wet and corrosive environments.
L. professionals can own without maintenance, simple operation , the company provides technical support for life .
The above conventional standards specifications for custom manufacturing company models, such as the use does not meet the size specifications can be customized to your specifications with the applicable product .stainless steel immersible ultrasonic transducer

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