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power adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machinepower adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine,power adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine,power adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


power adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Product Features :

[1] using ordinary tap water , alcohol or solvents as cleaning fluid

[2] power transducer significant cleaning effect can be visually observed

[3] object shining light cleaning effect

[4] Digital LCD control boot time

[5] stainless steel shell , liner and lid, more upscale

[6] waterproof performance greatly improved , more secure and durable products

[7] with a heating system with thermostat

[8] SUS304 stainless steel wash basket

Small size , big power, all stainless steel inner tank and the outer shell , the transducer sub- arc welding process and adhesive technology combined with years does not fall off . Service and support a pre- sale of each piece of equipment , our sales engineers will fully understand customer needs , and a large number of experiments in order to ensure that the most valuable products. 2 We will ship on time , each device before delivery will undergo a rigorous inspection and repeated testing to meet customer requirements with the necessary preparations for the equipment . 3 Our engineers will help customers install equipment necessary to achieve the best state of the application debugging and until the client can independently use the device before leaving. 4 We will pay close attention to the use of equipment sold , and occasional visit customers to collect opinions and suggestions in all aspects , in order to adjust and improve in practical work . 5 Our service staff is ready to deal with any unexpected equipment failure , and timely supply of spare parts for our customers , so that the loss of customers is reduced to a minimum.

power adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Main applications:

Purpose : The object of cleaning , degassing , sterilization , emulsification, mixing, displacement , extraction.Applicable Department: e-shop, industrial and mining enterprises , laboratories, hospital care , watch , glasses shops , jewelry store , mobile phone repair shop , the family home , schools, research and development.Focus coverage : LED wafer holder , LCD liquid crystal module , pcb circuit boards, watches, glasses , glassware products, chemical , medical equipment , LCD , optical communications , jewelry , coins, bearing motors, bio- chemical, optical electronics , refrigeration, electroplating, ion plating , mechanical hardware , aerospace , defense weapons , automobile and parts manufacturing, semiconductor development , IC development , computer motherboards and accessories, vacuum electronics industry, small products, hospital scientific , medical equipment , dentures and dental equipment, sterilization , research and development , archeology, textile processing , plastics and rubber industries, life sciences laboratory , TEM, SEM samples and stand cleaning and other industrial fields, as well as in commercial office printer nozzle , badges , civilian household cleaning bottles , fruit , cutlery , razor prime won the trust of users .power adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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